Sunday, October 09, 2011

One month already???

Cooper continues to be The Best Baby Ever, and we love him so much. Harry says he loves him the most because he's the cutest, which is true. Not much cuter than a baby. Except maybe a baby dog. Or a baby chicken. A kitten, maybe.

I am going to a meeting tomorrow, and I have no angst about it at all because I am just leaving the kids with Ben-- how fantastic is that? (Plus I might actually take Cooper with me).

Gotta go-- it's family movie night, and we are watching The Lion King, which I haven't seen since I was in high school.

Oh! For comparison's sake, here are links to Harry and Jack at one month.


  1. Tripod5:10 PM

    I'm lovin the leggings!

  2. Poor Cooper, doesn't even get his own chair... :)

    So big already!