Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I have been trying to get Cooper to take a nap for 40 minutes, and it just occurred to me to tuck his arms into the swaddle. He's out like a light. Unfortunately because it took me 40 minutes of rocking and popping his pacifier back in to figure him out, he'll not be asleep for long because the kid likes to EAT.

We have gotten our first round of school viruses. Harry was sick last weekend, but he was fine to go to school on Monday. Jack also went to school on Monday, but he was sick last Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. He started to feel better on Friday, but he was a huge crabby crabster because when he was sick he got all the iPad and TV he wanted, but as soon as he felt better, we made him limit his screen time again, and this DID NOT GO OVER WELL.

Ben came down with whatever they had on Monday, and he seems to have it way worse than the kids-- high fever, sore throat, cough. I keep telling him he is so brave, which cracks us both up. He has been fever free since Monday night, but he is still grimacing when he swallows and can't touch the baby.

See how brave?

Right before he donned that blanket, he said how much he regretted mocking and eventually trashing his birthday Snuggie from a few years ago. It would be great when you have a 102.8 degree fever. Also, with 3 kids, no adult really get to be sick, and Ben has been awesome this week. I know it is easy to complain about sick men being big man babies, but he hasn't been at all.

Jack and I have been playing lots of Zingo

Today after kindergarten drop off, we ran to the store to get something to bring to Jack's preschool welcome potluck tonight. Because I wanted to fit our trip into one of Cooper's naps, we went to the store closest to us which is a plain grocery store, not our usual TJ's or Whole Foods. Jack was so excited to see the snacks he normally only sees in friend's lunches or at his grandparents' houses. And I said yes to the kind of crap he never gets to buy like Milano cookies, Oreos instead of Joe Joes and Scooby snacks instead of $8 organic grahams. He even got Dora soup and delighted in a whole aisle with "Soup just for kids!" I drew the line at yogurt with hormones and HFCS and made him get Stoneyfield farm or whatever the hell it is called, but still! A red letter day for him.

Now Cooper is sleeping, and we are going to play outside.

Oh look! Somebody likes Sophie!


  1. Aww, what a sweet sleeping baby!

    School viruses are THE WORST. First we all had a GI thing (which we got one at a time, ensuring maximum duration of sick time) and now we're working through a cold. Yay small children!!

  2. My kids get so excited when I buy the crap food too. I bought fruit snacks and you would have thought it was Christmas!

    That picture of Cooper is super cute. I think I might need to find a Sophie. I had never heard of them before with my girls.