Monday, August 16, 2010

Ode to Summer

This summer has been perfect.

Oh sure, we've had not-listening days and call-Ben-at-work-to-come-home-and-get-these-damn-kids days and just generally bored days, but mostly? We've had a wonderful summer.

Lots of playing at the park, hanging out in our jammies all day, going to the gym whenever's convenient. Lots of ice cream breaks.

Maybe I am just nostalgic because the pool closes in the 2 weeks and I have exactly 2 days left of Nothing To Do. Although, I am am actually really excited about this week. I have a few things to attend to at my office, and I am finally getting a haircut (for the first time since February-- the growing out process has been brutal), and I am getting a pre-semester massage, so no grueling work going on. Oh! I do have to get a new ID because I have been using my old student ID, but I need a grown up one so I'll stop getting turned away at the gym, but I don't want to get rid of my old ID because I got it right afterr we got home from our honeymoon and I changed my name, and my hair was super long and streaky, and I was so damn pretty and young. But, alas.

Next week is training week for the TAs, which means I am on campus every waking hour which is also fun because that's not the way I usually work. After a summer of sloth, it is fun to dress up and lunch out and come home at the end of the day for my scotch and recliner. (Kidding.)

Then we have an odd half week of class (classes start on Thursday the 2nd) which is going to be a leeeeeeetle tricky because preschool doesn't start until the following week. But then! Preschool! My regular school schedule! Plenty of time for sloth every week! Pumpkin spice lattes! Win!

I am finally, it seems, in a place to reflect on the magic of summer because we've almost made it!

Here's Harry posing next to his 15-foot alphabet puzzle

Jack scaling some playground equipment

Jack looking like he's about to jump.

Summersaulting Harry


  1. So weird, this very thing has been on my mind too!!

    I'm excited for fall too. And it still feels very summery here and I'm jealous of your 60s!

  2. You and Corinne have both mentioned pumpkin spice lattes in the past two days. Sigh. I cannot wait.

  3. I can't believe summer is almost over. For me, I felt like it ended last week because for the whole summer I kept thinking, "And then we're gone for the whole month of August" and here we are in DC.

    We get back and have just a week-and-a-half before Jack starts and two weeks before Em starts and one of those weeks the big kids are going to grandma's house, so it'll be like no time at all.

    Of course, no "me time" for another two years when all three are in school, but I can dream!

  4. Love the summer wrap up! It seems like the last few days of anything are the hardest (although I'm definately pining for fall). Enjoy the rest of summer and getting back to school. It's too bad you *cough* lost your old ID.

  5. Most pointless comment ever, but I too must get a new ID. And yes, I feel a little wistful because my hair is long and curly and I just look so damn excited.