Tuesday, August 10, 2010

End of summer-ish

We've reached that point in the summer when even going to the pool feels like a chore. The point when I have to force myself to keep doing all of our summer things because I know that I am going to miss the when the snow starts to fall in a couple months. August is gross here-- hot, humid, stinky. Still we've been enjoying these last few weeks of freedom before the university is in session, preschool starts, and our activity schedule ramps up. We've even been able to find the silver lining in the summer doldrums.

Seriously, how much fun is back to school shopping?

I take so many pictures of my kids sleeping, it's starting to get creepy.

The other day, Jack finally said his first sentence: "I pee in Unc Ben's house." While I am sad that it has taken him so long to talk, I am of course happy that he can finally talk about the world around him. Imagine my surprise today as we pulled up to the library (where Harry got his first card and was beyond excited) and Jack said "Libear! Books! Libear!" Yesterday at the pool, he looked at the sky and screamed, "Two clouds!" Later, after a breeze, he looked at the same spot and asked "Where two clouds go?" I asked him if he had a poop in his pants, and he shook his head. "Two poops," he warned. The when I was changing him, he shook his finger in my face and said, "No ow. me no ow" (he hates to be changed when he has a rash). For someone small enough to fit in a Lincoln Logs box, he expresses himself pretty well.

We spent a RIVETING half an hour putting Mr. Potato Head pieces in our mouths. Super freaking fun.

I cannot tell you how much we love having my brother in town. It is so nice to have someone stop by for meals and to play with the kids. Ben has been taking the boys over to play video games after dinner while I clean the kitchen, and Jack cannot stop talking about "Unc Ben's HOUSH." The other day we stopped by on our way home from the gym, and I finally took a couple of pictures of his main living areas.

Here's his dinette (from a thrift shop-- I totally dig the chairs) and kitchen.

Here's his couch and rug and pillows. I could not take a picture of the TV because I couldn't make the flash work on my phone, but it is across fro the couch on a really cool table with pull out drawers that he found at a thrift shop

He painted the two canvases on the wall, and he painted another one for Harry and Jack's room.

Harry is really into taking pictures with my old Kodak camera

We have lots of pictures like this.


  1. That dinette is COOL! I like having family in town too. So cozy.

    Wes is starting to talk too, but mostly what comes out is one word that makes sense and then a bunch of nonsense whose inflection matches Charlie EXACTLY. It's creepy/hilarious.

  2. Having family in town sounds lovely! I wish we had that...

    And as for the end of summer- I hate that when the CC is done with summer term, the public schools are starting back. So, the two weeks I have off, nothing is open (pool, sprayground, etc). Very annoying... So, I may be bored enough next week to get the house cleaned and work done...

  3. that back to school shopping picture is HILARIOUS! I love it! I'm taking a LOT of pictures of Ethan sleeping these days, too; what is that about?!

    this time of year is so hard! I just realized that summer camp ends tomorrow and then E's got a whole week off before school starts. I am scared.

  4. oooh, I like the dinette too!

    Sleeping pictures are the best...they are so sweet and innocent looking when they're sleeping. Maybe that's why I seem to get those gooshy mom emotions when I see them that way. Reminds me that they aren't ALWAYS terrorizing each other!