Friday, February 05, 2010

What can I say? The kid loves to blend.

I know I have raved about them before, but now that my blender is up and running again, we are ALL ABOUT SMOOTHIES. They are a food and an activity in one, and you know how much I like to multitask. And they're easy. And healthy? Did I mention healthy? Ours are all organic, and we buy all the stuff at TJ's so it's not too expensive. We use various organic frozen fruit, organic yogurt (the kids like strawberry or banilla), organic fruit juice or honey, and organic milk. Also several bananas, depending how many we need to use up before they turn to mush. Today, Jamie mixed things up and used fresh apples and oranges, too. Even Ben has a smoothie in the morning before work. I am thinking of going all Jessica Seinfeld on my family, too, and sneaking in some wheat grass or protein powder or some other crap they should eat but don't. Spinach maybe? Or maybe I'll go Jeff Probst on them and throw in some squid or giant beetles or old socks or something. Yum.

This is the face he made when I asked him to smile

Smoothies make Harry excited. He's a hyper hypo.

Still working out the kinks with whole big boy cup thing.

PJ day at preschool! And why does my kid only want to wear his ratty jammies?


  1. The face that Jack made when you told him to smile is the cutest ever!!!!

    Hm. I will have to start investing in smoothie supplies since Evan fixed my blender again...

  2. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I got a new blender from should use it for smoothies instead of chocolate malts...(haven't used it for anything yet)..Bomma

  3. I keep trying to make smoothies but my kids will only drink the "drinkable" smoothies that TJ's has over by the yogurt. I can't get it the same damn consistency or something.
    But I'll keep trying. You're an inspiration in the smoothie department ;)

  4. I've been meaning to try this because I know my kids would freak out with happiness if I made them smoothies. Unfortunately they hate the loud blender. Do you have that problem?

  5. organic, organic, organic...did I mention their organic?

  6. I love smoothies. Unfortunately I am often to lazy to make them! But, I bet I will make them once it warms up because they are a great alternative to ice cream and popsicles!

  7. The isn't necessarily my favorite video, but I basically make smoothies just like this and call them Green Hulk drinks. I've seen several little boys guzzle them once you mention the Green Hulk. Good way to get in lots of spinach but it still tastes good.

  8. "hyper hypo" made me giggle! Next you'll be harnessing him to the jungle gym with a chocolate bar (blended into an organic chocolate blueberry smoothie, natch).

    Your family has inspired me to go all healthy. The HFCS and all that other bad stuff goes in the trash tomorrow. I'm skeered.