Thursday, October 23, 2008


Oh my goodness-- most pathetic Harry story ever:

Yesterday, I had to take Jack to the doctor, and Jamie couldn't come over to watch Harry, so, rather than disturb Harry's nap with a trip to the pediatrician, Ben came home for a couple of hours while I took Jack for his 6 month check up.

Harry woke up from his nap just as I was calling Ben to tell him I was on my way home, and he was pleasantly surprised to see his dad. Ben and Harry played in Harry's room with his Little People farm, which, sadly, was invaded by pirates, until Ben heard the garage door open, signaling my arrival.

Harry, however, did NOT hear the garage door, a fact that becomes pathetically obvious in a second.

Ben said, "Okay, buddy, I'm going back to work."

Harry looked at him in horror and asked, "You go back a work right now?"

"Yeah, but I'll be home in a couple of hours."

Harry's eyes got watery. "I come with you, Dada?"

"No, buddy, you can't come to work with me. I'll see you later."

Harry's chin got all quivery. "Okayyyyy," he said. "I go in my office, Dada."

Then he went in his toy closet and shut the door. Ben was thinking how cute it was that Harry was so sad to see him go, until he got halfway down the stairs and heard Harry sobbing. He dashed back up the stars and into Harry's office, where he found Harry standing in the very back corner, holding his Mickey Mouse back pack in front of him, shivering and crying because HE THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO BE HOME ALONE WHILE BEN WENT BACK TO WORK!!!

How freaking sad is that??

I mean, the whole exchange lasted like 2 minutes or less-- just long enough for me to haul me, Jack, and all of our peripherals in from the garage. Ben explained that he was only leaving because I was home, and then he handed Harry over to me, and a tear-streaked Harry squeezed me tight with his arms and legs and then he ate some milk and cookies and was absolutely fine, but I was so sad for him. He's so sweet and little.

I sometimes forget how sweet and little because he's also so damn bossy.

Is anybody else like oh my gosh I can't believe it's Thursday already? Because this week flew away from me. If anybody needs me, Ill be on my office working on a midterm. Or maybe at the park-- depends on the wind.


  1. Oh poor Harry! That IS pitiful. Milk and cookies sounds perfect.

  2. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Harry is certainly not verbally challenged, but what do I expect from you two pare nts...your writing brought a tear to my eye too...Bomma

  3. Poor Harry... I am glad Ben realized the problem before he left though. The only thing better than milk and cookies is chocolate!

  4. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Poor Harry! That is so sad! You know that he cmes to the bossiness honestly! You were an EXTREMELY bossy child. In fact, secretly assumed you woud be a director, or a dictator.

  5. Anonymous10:19 AM

    I just loved reading your blog from before Jack was born. I am 30 years old, feeling like I should have started years ago on this baby-making thing, and expecting my first baby girl on Halloween...being induced thank God. I am miserable and can't sit upright without a roundhouse kick to the ribs. You sound so much like me and my reactions to things. It's nice to know I'm not the only one that feels this way. Thank you for that! Congratulations on having two beautiful children and a devoted husband. I can't wait to see what type of daddy my husband makes!

  6. OMG, that is so sad!!! I love him.

    Ethan's also entered the age o' bossy. That's fun.