Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ahoy, me hearties.

Excuse this break in my usual bitching about my uber-pampered and yet oh-so-difficult life to bring you an urgent update about this guy, Pirate Harry, pictured above in his trusty ship (named Pirate Shippies).

He doesn't want his nipples anymore, something he informed us last night (late afternoon, really) in his bath (a poop emergency-- Jack's-- occasioned an oddly timed impromptu splash fest).

We asked him what he'd like to do with them, since he didn't want to "wear them on his tummy" anymore.

He said, "I give them back to the nipple guy."

Apparently, he has a nipple guy in the city who will give you a great deal for your, erm, nipples?

Ahoy, mateys, and more bitching later, I promise. Arrrrrrr.

Oh yeah-- if you see Harry in the near future, expect him to inquire as to the health of your nipples ("How you nipples feeling?") because our insistence that EVERYONE has nipples was met with skepticism and keen interest.


  1. Harry is so funny. I wonder what gave him the idea that (a) he didn't want them anymore and (b) that it would be as easy as giving them tot he guy in the city?

  2. yeah-- that's what I don't get-- why does he think they're removable?

  3. Anonymous3:28 PM

    The best part is that you can't make this stuff up. Stars of David on 1st grade carpets, made up. Nipple men who take back errant nipples that are no longer needed, apparently true. LOL.

  4. Charlie discovered his nipples one day at the pool and was totally fascinated for days. He wanted to see everyone's nipples. Now he calls freckles nipples. Toddlers are so cool.

  5. Anonymous8:04 AM

    With the long hair (wig) Harry looks like Sara when she was little, but some of the facial expressions look like Ben Meinen..hope he doesn't want to know why Bomma's nipples hang down....Bomma

  6. Anonymous7:57 PM

    That's strange! I don't think they remove nipples on Little Bear, do they? Is he watching Dr. 90210? I saw an implant and lift in which they made a tiny incision beside one.....

  7. OMG, I just laughed my cheeks off. Very funny kid. So adorable!!

  8. so funny. Ethan is currently fascinated by his nipples, but I imagine the day will come when he'll want to be rid of them. I'll have to ask you to get the contact info for Harry's guy in the city...