Friday, October 31, 2008


I am so glad it's Halloween. I have been waiting for Harry and Jack to wear their costumes for like 6 weeks. Also, Harry has been driving me nuts lately, and Jack's teeth have prevented him from napping and sleeping very much, so I really needed some cute, plush costumes to make me relish the adorableness of my children again, you know?

It's beautiful here today-- in the mid 60s-- and both boys were hot in their heavy Halloween get-ups. The sweat and red cheeks just made them cuter-- also more irritable. We got to go to Harry's school for a party with tons of kids and their parents. harry was very weirded out to have us in his classroom. He was super screechy and bossy, but he seemed to be proud of his little brother, whom he pretended to eat "just for petend."

Before today, It's been so darn cold--we thought a skeleton snow man was apropos.

Jack will go anywhere-- even outside in the windy cold-- as long as he can sit up

Harry made a couple of pumpkins. And when I suggested that he paint one, I meant like paint a face on it. He had a more artistic interpretation

Jack began his Halloween morning playing with some plastic Christmas cookie platters.

Harry started his day with a (reawwy scawwy) monster bagel.

Then they both donned costumes for a special Halloween bash
Jack was a banana

And Harry was a monkey. He had to remove his monkey fingers to eat his monkey snack.

A rock star monkey

He was so bossy he even ordered himself around.

We're rounding out our Halloween with jack o'lantern pasta (thanks Grandma J) and some trick-or-treating (with an afternoon trip to Motherhood for some nursing bras and Sephora for eye shadow). Harry is really excited about going inside all of his neighbor's houses. Clearly, he has missed the finer points of the trick-or-treating explanation...


  1. Anonymous2:19 PM

    what wonderful pictures and text...thank you multi times..those boys are getting cuter by the minute and you and Ben look great too...Bomma

  2. How did Jack tolerate the costume? He does look cute though! And Harry is one good monkey!

  3. So cute!!! Trick or Treating at Sephora? Great idea! I never thought of making the boys' costumes go together. Genius!!

  4. Awww, I love the costumes! Your boys are as cute as ever!