Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sleep Tight

Sometimes, I start thinking about bedtime somewhere around breakfast. Ahhhh, bedtime.

And it's not just the footie pajamas-- it's the quiet, really. The time to sit down in front of the TV with a glass of wine and scream obscenities at John McCain, for example. Or to read blogs. Or update my Facebook profile 11 times a minute.

Today, I first started fantasizing about bedtime around the lunch hour, when Harry escaped from the mall playground and ran, with one sock foot and one bare foot, all the way past the Verizon kiosk before Jack and I could catch him. Then he scooted on his back on the filthy mall floor from Zales all the way to Williams Sonoma. Then Jack pooped. Loudly. Then-- after I coaxed Harry back to the playland and found his sock and changed Jack's pants and bribed Harry into his stroller with a Happy Meal-- we went to the Apple store in time for our Genius Bar appointment and found ourselves in line behind an older lady with an entire page of shakily written questions-- some highlighted even-- and she was, of course, determined to get through them all. I almost cried. Then Harry started whining to get out of his stroller and explore the iMac display so he could "work on his blog," which was hilarious enough to help me buck up and play a game of peekaboo that was not only rousing enough to keep them both interested but also annoying enough to move us up in the line.

And now my computer is fixed-- the faceplate was cracked and also stained with mustard. Now it is crack free and clean, like Jason Mewes.

They are totally high fiving each other and thinking "Ha! We almost sent her off the deep end today. Nice work, bro, and we'll try it again tomorrow," but that's okay, because thank goodness, they're in bed.


  1. We've been doing some yelling at John McCain around here too. Except I completely forgot I was going to drink every time they said "across the aisle" and took a Vicoden instead. Boo drug interaction warnings. Hilarious post!

  2. Anonymous10:00 PM

    They look so cute in their jammies!! Obama totally won the debate! Didn't he? Or am I just disposed to Obama? McCain seemed like the neighbor shooing the kids off his lawn to me. Besides that, McCain looked so scary that when he went closer to the audience, they kind of shrunk away.

  3. Anonymous9:31 AM

    the boys are growing up so fast..Jakie will soon be able to hold his own in the situations that Harry is so good at..., thanks for the wonderful pictures..Bomma

  4. I like the high five at the end of the day for making you work so hard! AJU5 wears the footed pjs most nights - why don't they make them for adults?

  5. I think I love you! The crazy mall experience is hilarity at its finest. And your Mewes reference totally sealed the deal.


  6. Anonymous9:14 AM

    I have to fess up that after I read this etry I has to google Jason Mewes t learn that he is Jay from Jay and Silent Bob! So your cultural es might be the thing keeping me from chasing the kids off MY lawn! (and writing a list of questions for the apple guys)

  7. It's hard not to yell obscenities, isn't it? At least you wait until after bedtime; I think I have unwittingly taught my poor child to swear like a sailor in the past couple of weeks...