Monday, October 13, 2008

Deprived and Depraved

Yo, Harry. Jack. What the hell?

Why do you hate to see Mommy and Daddy sleep?

As he approaches a half year, Jack must be feeling nostalgic for his colicky newborn days because he SCREAMED from his 7:00 bath until, oh, 5 am. I mean, there were moments where he smiled and laughed. He was content enough for us to mostly watch Entourage , and he would occasionally pass out for 20-40 minute stretches. Just long enough for us to fall a little bit asleep. You know, just so we could know exactly what we were missing when he cried again.

No fever. No sign of teeth. No gas-- well, not excessive gas. But still, no sleep.

Then at the crack of 4, this guy

had a bad dream and sought refuge in our bed.

Really awesome timing, Little Buddy.

So, we stuck Jack in the crib in Harry's room, and he slept until just now-- 8:40.

Tonight-- so help us-- we're thinking of putting them to bed in the same room.

Also, we're both exercising our health insurance's complimentary medicine benefit and getting deep tissue massages.

And we're really cranky. (I'm talking to you, my beloved zit face).

Nope, the PhotoBooth program and the cute little camera on my computer never get old. Thanks for asking.


  1. Absolutely hysterical that you took pictures of them in a liquor store. It must REALLY be bad!

    We went for the crib last night (instead of the bouncer/pack and play/Ryan's arms dance we usually do) and he slept so late I had to get him up to take him with me to drop Charlie off and he didn't wake up until I was in the Starbucks drive through. Poor second kids.

  2. Oh, and he still woke up a few times to eat and didn't go down until midnight... I hope I didn't send you over the edge.

  3. LOL, Becca! It's a wine shop/coffee shop/sandwich shop- we eat breakfast there sometimes before Little Gym. No liquor consumed at the time of the pictures. Although sometimes we do buy wine and have to put it in our cubbyhole at Little Gym, which may be weird, now that I think of it...

  4. Hang in there - Jack will one day learn to sleep! Maybe he will prefer being with Harry? Oh, and one thought about his mood - is it growth spurt time? That and teeth but not teeth can be a huge pain!

  5. Anonymous8:22 AM

    the boys will do fine and this too shall pass and you won't forget it, but will be able to deal with it now and later. Bomma

  6. Anonymous8:22 PM

    I think Jack is getting cuter every day! So, he is making the move to the nursery?
    That is an interesting turn of events. Let us know how that goes.