Tuesday, October 28, 2008

GO TO SLEEP! Please?

Something that's just coming back to me about teething: It's a slow process. DMV slow. Close reading of Aristotle's Rhetoric slow. 813-mile car trip slow.

6 weeks of Little Gym, and this is his big trick. Laying on the mat.

No wonder he's a Bug again in the spring.

Jack could watch Harry play all day. All night even. In fact, sometimes that's the only thing that stops the pre-bath crabbies.

What Harry's doing to Ben's face in this picture? Really hurts because Harry will not let us cut his nails anymore. He screams and twists and screams, so we just stopped trying. On Friday night, we attempted to coax him into a pedicure because from the looks of his toenails, you'd think he was part werewolf. He said that grandma could cut his nails on Saturday, so of course we suggested that as a fun grandma-grandson bonding exercise, and the little jerkface sat there happy as a clam (a traitorous clam) while she trimmed him with scissors.

Much better.

They didn't actually sleep together. Harry loves to climb in bed with Jack after we've given him the okay (or the yes, you've finally woken your brother-- go ahead and say good morning). He screams, "Good morning, Jack! I use your covers?" He also used to shout to his goldfish (Goldie), but Ben and I discovered her belly up the other night before bath. We were like, "Dude, that was an extreme alternative to the bath and bed routine," and flushed her. So far? Harry has not noticed she's gone which is good because we have no clue what we're going to say when he does. We were going to get him a hamster, but not only did we realize what a bad freaking idea that was in terms of cleaning the cage, Ben saw a hamster massacre at Pet Smart while he and the boys were on their petsravaganza. An apparently unprovoked rogue hamster bit its cage mate's jugular, and Ben said there was blood in the wood chips and all over the sides of the habitrail. A seven-year-old girl screamed in terror. Ben wisely bought a fish, who lived just a few days longer than her 2 week warranty. Of course she did.

So, back to Drool Bucket who, by the way, has gained 2 pounds since he started eating solid food. He has a teeny bit of tooth poking out of his bottom right gum, and the bottom left side has a tooth ridge lurking just beneath the surface. Which means he might have a tooth by Christmas.


  1. Oh man, I thought about getting Charlie a fish for his birthday because he loves the ones at school. But I think we have enough dependents as it is now. Plus the whole goldfish live for five minutes issue that you experienced.

  2. I like how Harry "steals" Jack's blanket in the morning. Luckily he doesn't take it all it looks like!

  3. Anonymous8:50 PM

    These are such CUTE pictures! Sorry about Goldie. I think goldfish are a lot better off in an aquarium with a bubbler. Remember how big ours got before they decided to explore the house outside the aquarium? i never said that they were intelligent
    I think Jack and Harry are so cute. They are cracking me up!

  4. LMAO @ the pet store-horror!

    Good call on the fish; I'll keep this in mind for J.