Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jacked Up

Harry likes being a big brother, mainly because he is enjoying less, er, supervision than he used to receive.

He also likes being a big brother because he gets to hang out with his grandma. Right now, for instance, he is out swimming and having ice cream.

Doesn't he totally look like Lord Voldemort's half man half snake form from the 3rd Harry Potter movie? God damn I'm a dork. Also, Jack has a really strong neck-- Harry had a floppy neck, but really strong legs. Jack's legs? Not so strong.

Aaaah, the hospital. Mainly all we did was lounge around and wait for doctors and nurses to come prod us. I think I have mentioned that I have a bit of a crush on Harry's doctor, who is now Jack's doctor. I was fairly embarrassed when he came in at 6:30 on Thursday morning (w/o knocking-- well, he knocked AS he was entering) and woke us up. I was all sleeping curled up round the baby in my super awesome hospital issue nursing gown. Ben was all disheveled on his vinyl bed. We couldn't even summon the presence of mind to ask any questions. Then I got up, showered, did my hair and make up and looked surprisingly okay before my OB stopped by. He had on scrubs and had a Bluetooth in his ear-- ya think he takes calls during births? I actually think he might. Anyway, I thought I'd shower before the pediatrician showed up on Friday, and I did, but he came into the room as I was getting dressed, and there I stood shirtless, sporting my brand new giant nursing sports bra. Awesome. But actually? Those were both less embarrassing than when the resident who delivered Jack stopped by to say hi. (She was not the mean doc, by the way.) Seriously, I never wanted to see any of those people again-- I am totally embarrassed by the things I was screaming. Picture 40 Year Old Virgin when Steve Carrell gets is chest hair waxed. And then, in between contractions, I would apologize. Then another contraction would hit, and I would start shouting ridiculous obscenities. It is hard to smile and make small talk with the woman who had to don a plastic face mask so she wouldn't get hit by the tidal wave of your amniotic fluid, ya know? Especially when she is all tidy in her white coat and kitten heels, and you are clad, once again, in a saggy hospital nursing gown.

Anyway, it's a good thing we pulled it together because little Jacky had lots of visitors. Like his big brother who loves him in a "I want to pet the rabbits" sort of way (and whom I apparently missed so bad I started to eat, ears first), and all of this grandparents. Lucky Jacky.

We were all a little worried about this, but it turned out great.

Can you believe they actually let us take him home??

He's really awesome-- he pees out the back of his diaper, and he poops with such explosive force that he wakes me (and himself) up. Last night, he was wide awake from midnight until 3 am. He didn't want to eat or anything-- he just started at me and got all pissed when I fell asleep. He wanted me to stare back at him. Cool. I think the books call that bonding. Also, if he doesn't wake up soon and eat from the right side, I might explode.


  1. I can't read your post w/out weeping a bit. I think it's the baby fever I have oozing from every pore right now. You are so NOT helping me! :-)

    Congrats again; he is just precious and you look FAB! No one would believe you just gave birth!

  2. Anonymous9:49 PM

    This blog is marvelous..we are so proud of you, Sarah, and your wonderful little family, and extended too...Jack is going to be another wonder boy like Harrison..Bomma

  3. LOVE IT! And yeah, I don't think I could hang out with my OB or any of the nurses after what they saw. Woah. Your family is beautiful! And you look great! You DID your HAIR? Holy cow, I didn't even take a shower while I was in the hospital!

  4. I think I'm all caught up and I have to say, though very very late, Congratulations!

    He's absolutely delicious and I'm so happy for you and your family.

  5. Anonymous11:48 PM


    I saw the new pictures and squealed, literally squealed, with delight. He's gorgeous and I can't wait to meet him. Good to hear you're all doing well. Say hewwo to Harry for me...see you soon!