Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Have You Ever Googled "Foul Smelling Umbilical Stump"? Yeah. Don't. Especially If Your Baby's Belly Smells Like Trash

Seriously, Jack's belly-button-to-be smells like garbage. More specifically, like garbage in the summer. We called the doctor and we have an appointment for tomorrow morning, because we need reassurance. He thinks it's probably fine because there's no redness or oozing, but still, he says it's not supposed to smell and will be happy to look at it if we want him to. Of course we do. We brought Harry to the doctor so many times when he was little, it's a wonder he didn't get sick just from the waiting room (because he wasn't sick when we brought him in-- not once). I thought it would be different this time around, but so far, same neuroses.

Here's a bunch of pictures. You'll notice there aren't any of me because I look like crap. I am wearing gacuho pants for god's sake-- like it's 2005 or something. And no matter what kind of a shirt I wear, my nursing bra always shows. But today really takes the cake. I am in pajamas-- ridiculous pajamas. I started the night in a lovely floral nursing gown (not really lovely)-- at the 1:30 feeding, I was cold and added a pink velour hoodie. At 4:30, I added clashing floral pajama pants, and I topped it all off with a ponytail and socks at 6:30 when we finally got up for the day. Isn't she lovely? And we are having a photographer come over to do pictures in like 2 weeks, so I really need to get it together and also find something that will stretch around my poor hips.

I am also having some nap anxiety, just like when Harry was little. It is not possible for me to sleep when the baby sleeps-- or in this case when both babies sleep. I feel wayyyyyyy too pressured. I want to sleep on my own time, know what I mean? Luckily, Ben's office got me a massage gift certificate (along with a really cute outfit and toy for the baby-- how nice is that) because I need to relax. Also, I am still walking with a limp on the left side, which my OB assures me is normal, since I had some back/leg issues the last month of my pregnancy, and I may have hurt myself pushing (MAY HAVE? Jesus Christ). So, yeah. All kinds of pretty over here.

Okay, the pictures, I promise.

This is Jack in Secret Agent mode-- he just stares and stares and looks like he's judging us.

Busting out of the swaddle

In case you were wondering, this is a house according to Harry

Look here we are leaving the house with both kids.

In honor of Earth Day, Harry and Ben planted some teeny trees.

Cooling off after his strenuous gardening.

After testing our luck with a trip to Target (Jack and Ben stayed in the car), we went to a cute little toddler park. Clearly it was enjoyed by all.

I am really into Harry's fat hands in these pictures. Our pediatrician said to let Harry handle the baby and to try not to be freaky about it. He said unless Harry body slammed Jack or attacked him with a weapon (like say a full sippy cup-- oops), we had nothing to worry about, and we shouldn't make Harry feel nervous around the baby. So, we've been giving it a shot. Ben is still a little gaspy, but I am working on being the calm one (ha!).

Jack having a wicked fun time. The most exciting thing about his day? A new hat. Also pooping. Maybe even in that picture. We went to another park--because we are clearly out of ideas for Harry fun, since we can't take Jack anywhere really.

And this thing is why I will never be able to come to this park alone with both Harry and Jack. Broken neck waiting to happen, huh?

Harry did a little swinging

Jack moved to a new bench-- wicked fun


  1. I was relieved to see that picture of you guys leaving the house together. I mean, now I know it's possible to leave the house with both of them. Send me an email after your first solo trip to the grocery store with both of them and describe the logistics. They're both adorable, of course! Love all the pictures.

  2. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Jack looks bigger and less red and new ALREADY! can't believe how well he is doing!

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  4. You know, I also always thought new parent jitters went away after the first baby. Laughing my face off picturing Ben try to stifle a freakout over Harry holding Jack.

    Anyway my real reason for posting is to say thanks for the birth announcement. Very cute choice, even got an "awww" out of Doug.

    All our best to your precious family.

  5. So cute!! Looks like Harry's pretty comfortable as the big brother! Jack really knows how to rock that car seat, huh? ;-)