Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I know, Internet. You don't have to look at me like that. I know it's been a long time since since I posted here. When I uploaded my pictures, I noticed that I have taken 163 pictures since the last time I visited you, Internet. See? At least I still notice things like that. And I haven't been avoiding you, not really. It's been busy here, you know. Lots of application deadlines in February; Ben started a new job, and Harry is working on some more teeth. Not to mention the house-- so many trips to Home Depot, so many phone calls and inspections. But all of these things are just excuses, Internet, and I am sorry I've been neglecting you.

As you'll note, I'm not going to post all 163-- trust me; some of them are no good. Harry's cute as ever, but his dad and I are sometimes bad with the camera.

Speaking of dads, Harry says "Dada" from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning until the moment he goes to sleep. He calls everything Dada-- his toys, his diapers, his socks-- and both of his parents. He also says "Mama," but only when he's mad. Figures. It's pretty cute-- when he says Dada, he paats things very gently with his fat little hands, but when he says Mama, he flails his fists.

We're not sleeping so much here, and not just because we have loud neighbors. Although-- don't get me started on that. Harry's getting some more teeth, and they HURT apparently. What's a little Tylenol between friends?

Oh? And he's starting to learn how to wave-- but so far he has it backwards, and he waves at himself. Come visit us, Internet. It's cold here, and we'd love to have some visitors to warm things up a bit!

Enjoy the pics!

Rolling under his crib

Ben was super tired, and this is where he left Harry's diaper at 3 am

Harry's version of Risky Business-- he's good with the Bob Seger


"Are there socks on my head? How did I get socks on my head?"

Harry's cutest jammies

Some pictures before getting dressed for the day

Showing off the tooth

Harry's getting a little big for his tub, huh?

As you can see, Harry gets lots of phone calls.

Out to breakfast on Friday. Guess where we went after breakfast? That's right, Internet. You know me so well. Home Depot, of course.

Rolling around before bathtime

Here he is sporting the fauxhawk his Dad gave him before his bath. Lotion is a kickass styling agent.

Hanging out on Sunday waiting for the game to start.

Green beans? Not the best things ever.

Here he is on Superbowl Sunday playing with his football. A linebacker? Probably not.

Here's Harry sporting his new gray sweats-- a little big, but really cute nonetheless. harry played with Elsa today while I was at class, and she took the adorable sleeping pics. he always sleeps like a chalk outline.

He's starting to look like a little boy!!

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  1. Anonymous6:05 AM

    Harry is beginning to look like a little boy...a really cute one...Bomma