Saturday, February 24, 2007

Snowed In

And when you're snowed in, you'll do ANYTHING for amusement. At least we will.

Boy is it snowy. Shocker in Wisconsin, huh? Harry's Grandma and Grandpa J, his Aunt Jen, Uncle Maurice and cousin Max were supposed to come visit us today, but we're having a BLIZZARD, so no visitors.

We're pretty much apartment bound, which is cool because we freakin' love listening to the dog downstairs moan its neglected head off 24 hours a day. And when the dog's owner is home, we freakin' love istening to her TV through the fireplace.

We're watching as many Oscar movies as we could rent-- because we don't go to the movies anynore-- and we've really gone overboard stocking up on food, firewood, and matches. And beer. Hey-- you never freakin' know, okay.

So, here're some pics, and I'll post some more randomly throughout our weekend. Hope we don't go stir crazy and pull our own mini Shining. Yeah, I know, it's just a weekend, not a winter. And heck, 1000 pages of "All work and no play makes Sarah a dull girl" would be major dissertation progress.

Red rum, my friends, red rum.

He sure does heart Dad.

Look at those chubby little legs-- love them!

Here's Harry eating toast-- this picture appears to be like the many, many, many other pictures of Harry eating until you look at the ridiculously sized chunks of bread on his face. Nice one, Messy Bear. They look like he had a shaving accident and he's trying to stem the blood flow with peach-smeared toast squares. Which is what I always use on my legs.

A little crabby lately. Notice how Harry looks like a conehead when he cries.

Sad eyes, huh? This is when I would call him Saddy Bear. I always call him some sort of Bear, with a 2 syllable descriptor-- Grumpy, Poopy, Freindy, Harry, etc. Has to be 2 syllables and has to end in y but not in ly, thanks for asking. And no, that's my thing, so you can't copy-- even though it IS totally awesome, I know. Ben always calls him Harry J and sometimes says he's the Harry J-est. And that's HIS schtick.

Oh my gosh, scrambled egg yolks ROCK-- they rock so hard that Harry has to really hunker down to enjoy them properly.

Eew. Squishy.

Getting ready to go for a walk. He he.

Ben coming in from shoveling out the car and picking up last minute emergency provisions. Like syrup.

We're supposed to get way more tonight....

Eating his grooming kit-- yummy

Now CRAWLING for his grooming kit

On the way to Menards to look at paint samples AGAIN. I would have taken pics of the process-- which, by the way was really funny because we were lugging around these really large floor samples. Seriously, the linoleum sample is big enough to set a toilet on, and the wood (-like product) sample has some deadly metal edges. BUT Menards sucked my will to freaking live, let alone take pictures. Now I know how Ben feels in the Soap Opera. You should have seen him-- like a kid in a candy store, especially when he learned that the tarps he wanted are FREE with a MAIL IN REBATE. Wow.

Playing with Tupperware while we made dinner-- we totally recommend the chicken recipe on the back of the Stove Top box, byt the way-- the one with the soup, veggies, and sour cream. BUT it's a little bland without mushroom soup and Italian chicken breasts from the butcher.

Chewing on his hammer-- the very tip of his top left tooth is finally showing, but it really seems to hurt.

Playing with his shape sorter. He cannot short shapes, by the way. Not even by the sea shore.

Pouting with Elmo. He likes Elmo okay, but this is his teething face.

Trying to escape from the inevitable bathtime mowhawk.

There is no escape from the bathtime mowhawk. That's why it's inevitable. Duh.

Time for night night. If his hair looks weird, it's because I accidentally towel dried his hair with the part of the towel that had A&D on it from his diaper change. Yuck.


  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    thank you for making my snowed in more fun...what wonderful pictures...Bomma

  2. Anonymous3:05 PM

    In the first picture with the bowl on his head, Harry looks like his great uncle Larry when he was a baby. What a cutie! (Of course, I might be prejudiced) He can really move now!!!!
    Look out!