Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Harry the Bear is 8 Months Old Today

In case you're wondering, Harry the Bear is his wrestling name. I wanted it to be Sugar Plum Harry-- because if you get beaten by a guy named Sugar Plum, you really feel like a loser, but Ben wisely pointed out that the Bear was more intimidating.

Here are about 60 pictures of the big little baby-- no red eye reduction, my friends.

I have a bad case of writer's block when it comes to this blog, I think because I have recently been reading some really excellent mommy blogs, and am thinking critically about my voice here at harrytimes in a way I never have before. Before my recent foray through the blogosphere, (before I even knew that blogosphere was a WORD), this blog was like a scrapbook without my jaggedly cut pictures (because I cannot cut in a straight line, and I have never been able to. Next time you get a gift wrapped present from me, check out the corners. If they don't totally suck-- which they probably do-- then they are folded to hide the jagged cut lines).

Yikes-- Harry just rolled over to his dresser and opened the bottom drawer. Lost my train of thought...

Oh, yeah. Introspection.

In Harry news this month-- he is the proud owner of 2 teeth and does not like to have them brushed. He loves bananas and yogurt-- yogurt so much that he licks it off his bib. He eats puffs and cookies, but no other finger foods because Ben and I are scared that he'll choke. We'll probably be serving him puree well into the fourth grade. He says ma ma and dada indiscriminately, and he loves to smack things-- faces, furniture, floors, whatever. He rocks back and forth on his hands and knees, but he still rolls everywhere he goes. He has the cutest, sticky-upest hair ever, and he is costing a FORTUNE at the Picture People, where we go way too much.

He's the most fun thing in our lives-- more fun even than our nightly game of Yahtzee. Don't judge us-- Harry goes to bed at 7, so we can't go anywhere, and there are only so many games you can play with 2 people. I lack the tools for Connect Four (no, I have the game-- it's the mental tools I lack), and if I have to say "You sunk my destroyer" one more time....

PS: Ben cheats at Yahtzee.

Oh my goodness. Just had to pull Harry off his floor lamp-- he was eating the cord. What can I say? He's a fast roller. Aw. He just PUT HIS spitty socks on my lap and turned on the caps lock. Thanks, little buddy.

Okay, that's all for now. We are making an emergency Target run to get more rice cereal. And maybe one of those mesh feeders, so I can put soft stuff like real bananas in it, and he can suck through the holes. And maybe some slippers. And a new memory card for the camera. And some ballet flats. Oh, and I wanted to check on an end table I saw in their ad...

Stop lurking and leave a comment, already!

Oh-- a funny note because I am too lazy for captions-- there's a close up of Harry's band aid near the bottom-- he got a wicked bad paper cut from his 8 month sign. He didn't make a peep, but he left a trail of blood all over my bed-- I almost passed out until I realized it was just a paper cut.


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Heis an amazing young man and getting mor handsome with every picture...Looking at him in some pivctures he remindes me of his mommy and Grandma Bomma

  2. Anonymous4:33 PM

    didn't proofread very well....Bomma

  3. Sarah said I cheat at Yahtzee...this is not true...I cheat at scatagories not yahtzee. Sarah just thinks anyone who beats her at anything is cheating...she is a poor loser...but alas she is a Yahtzee loser...don't even get me started on Gin.


  4. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Tell the Handsome Baby that if he grows up to be a bureaucrat, he will get paper cuts all the time! He needs to be a doctor instead, or a comedian.

  5. Ben cheats at everything... I'm doubt that blog entry is genuine.


  6. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Jon is still pissed I beat him at Risk. That was so long ago Jon...get over it.


  7. He is too stinkin' cute!!

    I think Husband & I need to start playing games after Ethan goes to sleep--the TV is mushifying our brains. I'll need some tips on how to cheat at yahtzee b/c I am not a graceful loser...

  8. Hmmm, cheating? You mean he gets away with winning before momma flips the board over and sends all the pieces flying? I'm thinking of an especially bad Tri-Bond experience...