Friday, January 26, 2007

This Is a Tooth. " A What?" A Tooth. "A What?" A Tooth. "Oh, a Tooth."

Finally! I got a picture of the elusive (sharp! oh, how sharp!) tooth! You have to look really close, but it is the pearly thing on his gum that looks like glare-- it's a tiny, jagged tooth edge, not a glare.

In other Harry news, I think there's a new one coming in because he's been quite screamy today, as anyone who's been on the phone with me can surely attest. Right now, he is chewing on the antennae of a stuffed caterpillar with a very concerned expression on his little face. I'd take a picture if my camera weren't busy uploading tooth shots right now. I know a couple of weeks ago, we swore that screaming = talking, but what can I say? We're new at this.

We are still thrilled about the house and having fun arguing over shades of beige. Harry and I have had a great Friday, and we even visited Ben and work to bring him some lunch and some screams.

Here are just a couple of pictures of the world's cutest baby. His dad and I are not looking so cute these days because we are EXHAUSTED. We thought 7 month-olds slept BETTER than newborns. Hmmm.

He's saying things like "a booba," "hummubba," and "hyyaammaabu," but certianly NOT "grandpa," "labrador," or "shetland," as some have claimed.

Anywho, enjoy the pics and come visit us soon! Or, as Harry says, "Eehhaahaaboommuu."

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