Saturday, July 08, 2006

Another Weekend With Grandparents-- Lucky Harry!

On Friday, July 7th, Harry's Grandma and Grandpa Lynne and Gary came to visit. Friday night was pretty standard for us, meaning we got take out from Potbelly (Sarah's favorite since the early days of her pregnancy) and hung around the apartment-- yeah more pictures of our brown couches. Saturday, however, we went to lake Wingra and out to lunch at a real restaurant. Wow-- very exciting and the longest we've ever taken Harry out. He was wonderful and had a fabulous time, experiencing many new things including his own lunch on the go. We can't wait to see all the grandparents again on July 21st. We're planning a trip to campus and the terrace.

Here's Harry and his dad waiting for Lynne and Gar. You can't see it, but his shirt says "Boob Man."

Harry chillin' with his grandpa-- at different ends of the couch-- how's that for adventure?

Harry playing with both of his grandparents. He's always a perfect angel when company comes over.

Ahhh, a nap on Grandpa...

More playing-- boy was Harry tired

A quick lunch in the car-- a little gassy and confusing, but the traces of Bruegger's Bagels were quite enjoyable.

Us at the lake-- we swear Harry's in the sling

Harry's first lunch out at Adler's-- Ben and Sarah's first trip to a restaurant since before Harry was born.

And now for a special treat... The Many Faces of Harry, starring Harrison Benjamin as "The Baby"

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