Thursday, July 27, 2006

Concert on the Square

Wednesday night, we went to the Concert on the Square and loved listening to the Madison Symphony Orchestra. Harry especially enjoyed the Celtic Celebration-- wait until you see the pictures of him dancing! I know we've had lots of posts this week, but what can I say-- it's been an exciting week. Harry even slept in his crib last night, and he slept great! We put him down at 10:00 (he slept all day and then had crazy eyes from 4:00-10:00), and he didn't wake up until 1:45. Then, he slept until 5:30. Unfortunately, he was up for the day at 5:30, but that was fine with me because I slept for 7 hours IN A ROW! Ben gets up and feeds Harry some pumped milk for his first feeding. Last night, the FIRST feeding was the ONLY feeding, so I got to sleep-- poor Ben. Enjoy the pics!

Here's Harry's crazy dance... he might have his Mom's rhythm... or his puppet master Dad's, hmmm...

Harry with his old pal Maegan-- doesn't she look awesome?

Harry with his new friend Michelle

And with his new friend Katie

Harry and his Dad checking out the stars as the sun sets

A few pictures of the fam

Harry in his little man clothes

A few pictures of Harry sleeping-- he's so darn cute-- and tummy time really wears him out!

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