Saturday, July 22, 2006

Harry's Big Adventure

Today, Harry went downtown with his Grandma and Grandpa J and his Grandma M, and his mom and dad, of course. We all had a terrific time. Harry got a cute onesie at A Room of One's Own, and he got another cute onesie at a funny hippie organic baby store. Then, we all went to Ella's Deli and had sandwhiches and matzoh ball soup and the best ice cream ever. Harry had so much fun playing with all of his grandparents!

The rest of Harry's week was pretty routine-- although he did meet a new friend, Kathryn.

Here's Harry hanging out in some of his new BabyGap clothes-- cute, huh?

Here he is being semi-neglected during tummy time.

Here's Harry back from a walk-- nice hat, Harry.

Here's harry modeling an outfit from his Great-Bomma-- she also made the blanket he's playing on.

Harry loves riding on Dad-- better than the fair.

Harold hanging out naked wth his new best friend the pacifier.

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