Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Special Edition: "Dad's First Business Trip" by Harry

My Dad went to Cleveland, Ohio on July 23rd and 24th, and it was the first night I have spent away from him. I really missed the big guy who tried to feed me cold milk. In fact, I slept exceptionally poorly-- even for me-- on Sunday night without Dad in the room. I even missed the way he snores. It just wasn't the same... (Ha! And they think I'm gonna sleep in my crib tonight-- talk about changing my routine).

Luckily, my mom took pictures of me all day yesterday, so Dad could see what I did while he was gone. I thin it's pretty obvious from the expressions on my face that I was pretty bored without Dad around. I couldn't ride on his shoulders or listen to his silly voices when he reads to me. I stayed up late last night so I could see him when he got home and so I could check out the sweet onesie he got me from Cleveland. Then, Dad got up with me around 12:30, and this timed he gave me warm milk.

Here I am saying good-bye to Dad on Sunday evening.

I coped with my separation anxiety the only way I know how-- sucking on my pacifier. By the way, I hate when people call it a binky or a paci...My dad called it my nooky today, and that grossed me out, too. Any suggestions for a cool name? I like to call it my cifier. Anywho, aren't I cute?

Something else that's cute, I like to spit my cifier out and then wail until my mom or my dad puts it back in my mouth. Such a fun game. And the really fun part is that my mom insists that I am too young to be manipulative...ha ha ha.

See the cifier slipping from my mouth-- so fun-- it's like my ultimate fart joke.

Here I am on Monday morning. I am wearing a onesie that my mom and dad made me at their Madison baby shower. I wore 3 others during the night, but I peed on myself a few times during diaper changes. When you get up at 12:30, 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30, you do a lot of peeing, what can I say?

Here I am on Monday afternoon right before Mom took me to Target and Steve's Wine Mart. It was my first trip to a liquor store, and I have to tell you, I liked it a lot. The woman behind the counter said I was a peanut-- why does everyone keep saying that to me? I'm freaking huge, man. Somebody should tell my mom that SuperTarget is not the wonderland/amusement park/ fantasy getaway she seems to think it is. Sometimes, I think she's patronizing me. Nobody could be that excited about going to Target, could they?

Monday night... Still kicking it in my Boob Man shirt. By this point, I was really missing my dad, and I was getting sick of my mom's attempts to keep me occupied. I had to turn on the TV just so I could stay awake for Dad.

Check out the cool Cleveland onesie my dad got me from Hard Rock Cafe. Neat, huh? Someday soon, it will fit me.

I am so glad my dad is home! Tonight, we're beginning a new adventure because, as you can see, I am outgrowing my bassinet. But man do I love those hanging bears...I am sure my mom will let you know how it goes. Peace out.

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  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Don't tell Harry, but some of the photo angles make his face look fat!
    I love the picture where he is smiling at his dad. They are sooooo cute.