Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Omggggggggg last week was actually 6 weeks long.


Last week. WAS A LOT.

I mean, I told you about it mid-week before I peaced out of the blog-o-sphere but then Minnie’s diseased leg got WORSE and DOROTHY! Kept her rash for 2 days and then came home from the last day of school with a raging fever, body aches, and chills. And the rash was terrible. Soooooo I took Minnie to urgent care for her weeping leg wound after school (an appointment I called for first thing in the AM and made strategically so we could see Dorothy burst joyfully out of her elementary school for the last time in a cloud of bubbles and pop music) and tried to also get Dorothy an appointment but no one would call me back and then they YELLED AT ME when I showed up at the clinic with an extra kid (which I get because they days of private doctors’ offices are over, and we are in our managed care era), but I called and called and called and the problem was not a shortage of available appointments; it was a procedural check-in issue— and Dorothy had a regular pediatrician appt booked for the next day and I even offered to swap her and Minnie so D could be seen right away and Minnie could wait but the reception staff said her symptoms necessitated triage first (but no one from triage answered the phooooooone) and finally finally gave me an appointment for an HOUR LATER after Dorothy was triaged during Minnie’s intake. And then! (After the urgent care doc told me Minnie’s leg looked fine and I was like WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL HOW WOULD IT LOOK IF IT WASN’T FINE NEVER MIND DO NOT TELL ME) I was like ok cool I will go get gas in between the appointments which will probably take like 45 minutes since campus traffic is bananas but would still be better than waiting in the urgent care waiting room with a bunch of mask-less coughing people and a 3 year-old who breeds world-record bacterial infections and attracts every virus in the room and also touches EVERY SINGLE THING MY GOODNESS. But! As soon as I got a block away from the clinic (WHICH TOOK 8 MINUTES BECAUSE FREAKING BIKERS), they called me all pissed off because MY APPOINTMENT GOT MOVED TO THE VERY NEXT SLOT ONLY NOBODY TOLD ME. Anyway. The TL;DR is that even though Dorothy’s Wednesday strep test was negative, the one she took on Thursday was positive, and she has strep. Which is good because the PA-C was SURE she had strep and said the presentation of her rash and the timing of her symptoms didn't really fit other diagnoses. Scarlet fever for the win! Also antibiotics—those are great, too.

Also, while all of this was going on, Coop was playing baseball; Ben was driving home from Peoria, and Harry was running all over town picking up various takeout orders because Ben’s parents were in town to see the last day of elementary school celebration and kick off graduation and dance recital weekend with a baseball picnic **whomp whomp**




    Also congrats to all your beautiful kids!!! (But seriously omggggggggg 😱)

  2. OMG Sarah. Well. I sure hope that the girls are doing better today, what an ordeal!

  3. Have you ever thought about what your life would be like if NO ONE EVER GOT SICK. I mean, with five kids it seems to be a constant theme. Anyway... hope everyone is better now and congrats to all the graduates!

  4. Anonymous10:38 AM

    My son had strep which turned into scarlet fever and my daughter had a bunch of weeping boils on her leg… which it turned out were caused by strep bacteria scratched into an itch on her leg (thanks to infectious disease doc hubby for diagnosing that from afar and making me take them both in…) Both got better with antibiotics but did want to flag Dorothy and Minnie’s issues may be related….

  5. You can't catch a break! Do you have a punch card at the urgent care by now? "Get your 10th visit FREE!"

  6. I was exhausted just reading this... you're a rockstar in my book for handling it all so well.