Monday, June 03, 2024

Last Monday of the YEAAAAAR

 The last Monday with 5 kids who all live at home. The last Monday with 5 kids who all go to school (until SEPTEMBER). The last Monday of what has been a lovely school year, all things considered.

In September, we all adjusted to new routines, and I got used to working on campus again. Minnie started school for the very first time. Harry was applying to colleges. I was complaining because Dorothy's dance studio released team placements after Labor Day. We transitioned from the pool to HOCKEY SZN.

October saw me really loving my long Mondays on campus. I would take Cooper and Minnie to school and stay aaaaaall day at my office, conduct my weekly staff meetings, and then watch Coop dive until 7:30pm. Heaven! Even though I did have to pack all of the food I wanted to eat for the whole day before I left. (Or eat out, which might be why my black bikini is too small...) We had Halloween and Hockey weekends and Jack's fall play and a super over-the-top dance convention in the Dells. 

November was fall at its cozy best. BUT. Our work/life balance shifted in a terrible way, and we (ME) had to figure out all new routines. Harry was accepted to 7/8 colleges he applied to and the scholarship offers started to roll in. We had to buy a new oven **eye roll** We enjoyed warm fall weather and got ready for a festive holiday season. 

In December, Ben applied for his dream job at our alma mater, even though he had just started a new job, because DREAM JOB. We had an adorable Christmas and Hanukkah season and were mindful the whole time that it was our last one with 5 kids at home. Also, you know, Minnie got strep, an ear infection, pneumonia, and RSV and took pretty much the whole month off school-- which fell on ME and also was super scary.

In January, I took 4 kids to Great Wolf Lodge BY MYSELF hashtag AWESOME. We saw lots of snow and even more hockey. Ben and I switched cars because my van is not AWD and also feels VERY TIPPY (team Toyota, I guess-- and I blame the Honda for the giant SUVs I am currently considering **cough cough Wagoneer** cough cough).

February brought a new dryer **eye roll** that HARRY INSTALLED. Harry also GOT COVID AGAIN but spread it to no one because he stayed in his room for like 5 days hashtag BEST MOM EVER. We got used to only seeing Ben after 7pm and on weekends because he left for work before the kids got up and drove straight to diving or hockey afterwards. 

March brought DANCE SZN, the end of hockey, speech team travel for the boys, club diving meets, and Dorothy and Ben's bdays (11 and 45). We cancelled spring break for Reasons and had fun being cozy at home.

April saw a SNOW DAY and pop up blizzard that stranded my car down the street. Ben interviewed for the job he applied for in December. Harry started his senior tennis season, and the boys wrapped up speech. Dorothy danced. Coop dove. We figured out that the public library makes Minnie sick, and I switched up our library rhythms. Jack turned 16 and made huge driver's ed progress.

In May Harry got amazing academic scholarships. Jack absolutely crushed it in his spring play. Coop broke a part of his foot but kept working out the best he could. Minnie got excited for her dance recItal. Ben moved out part f the week to start the job he applied for in DECEMBER.

AND NOW. I am at that awkward place where I am nostalgic for the days I am living right now. I love my little morning routine of taking Coop and Minnie to school (it took me until December to figure out how to get them both there on time). I like getting coffee on Fridays with them (coffee for me, smoothie for Coop, cookie for Minnie) and coming home to a quiet house. I like Harry popping for lunch and or study hall every day. I like everyone tucked in at night in their own beds. I want to stay right here in this moment with Dorothy at the elementary school across the street and Harry taking Jack to school-- even with their brawls on the driveway in the morning.

THE LAST MONDAY of the 2023-204 school year-- I am going to miss it so much.

One more Monday dive practice for the road:

Minnie in a laminated pile of adorable her teacher sent home



  1. "nostalgic for the days I am living right now"
    That got me right in the feels as they say.

    There are lots of exciting things ahead, but having all your kids tucked up and asleep in what you'll always think of as "their own beds" is the best.

  2. What a year you had!
    The fact that you are nostalgic for what is happening now is such a familiar thing for me. I had that all last year because it was the last year in Calgary, in my house, with a kid at school, before everything changed. I remember hearing Anticipation on the radio as I drove to one of the last yoga classes I was teaching, and the line "these are the good old days" had me in tears. What I'm trying to say is I get it.

  3. What a year, indeed! I love this month-by-month recap. Genius.
    I think you are really excellent at appreciating each stage. I have a hard time not rushing forward (or looking back) and you seem to embrace the chaos and the joy and "all of the everything" as my son would say.
    This post made me happy and also nostalgic for my own experiences. You have so much great stuff ahead for every single one of your family members!

  4. congratulations Sarah!!! I'm personally more limping to the finish line but it was a bit bittersweet to end the year (esp bc all 3 will not be at the same school together next year . . gah I know I have been very spoiled in this regard). Interesting to reflect on all the different "seasons"!! They all have something exciting about them, right? There's no "DOWN" season. I kind of like that about parenting . . .

  5. What a beautiful post... Really puts things in perspective.

  6. You are on the cusp of some really big changes and big change can really amp up the nostalgia! I also an in awe of how good you are at living in the season and appreciating it... I struggle to have that mindset!

  7. Oh the sweet poignancy of this post! So lovely and nostalgic for the NOW.

  8. What a great recap of a very busy year. Wow. Change is hard, but it also seems to be constant. Right? It is so weird when a college kid heads off to college. Such a shift in all things. It is an adjustment. Have the best summer.

  9. I guess most years probably have a lot of challenges and rewards with that big a family, but wow, that is a lot. Your kids have really hit it out of the park, thanks to your support and energy.

  10. You have a huge, huge transition coming up- a kid leaving for college. I can see why you'd want to hang onto these days. I'm feeling the same way- my son is home for the summer and I keep thinking "what will he be doing next summer? Is this the last summer I'll have both kids at home?" - then I have to remind myself to slow down and appreciate every precious day.
    And, Minnie- she must have a SUPER STRONG immune system by now. She's ready for anything!

  11. Life keeps marching on, doesn't it? We'd better soak it all up while it's happening.