Thursday, June 06, 2024

As Minnie said, yesterday was A REALLY SPECIAL DAY

 OH MY GOODNESS. Yesterday. Was awesome. On the way to dance, Minnie said WOW TODAY IS A REALLY SPECIAL DAY. And she was totally right!!

Harry had his last day of school!!!!

(Throwback to the first day)

We skipped the tennis banquet this week, but the tennis coach pulled Harry out of a final exam yesterday to tell him he got a varsity letter for tennis (that was really the one thing he hadn’t gotten in high school that he really wanted— and then yesterday! HE GOT IT).

Dorothy had her fifth grade completion ceremony!!

On Tuesday, she and I got to attend her last ever Olson school picnic!
(Throw back to her FIRST EVER Olson picnic)


Harry had his senior walk, where members of the district’s graduating class come back to their home elementary schools and walk though a cheering tunnel of tiny students and then their old hallways.5th graders also walk through the cheer tunnel, so it was doubly darling, if that’s even possible.

ALSO! Minnie had her last dance class and got her very first trophy. SHE IS SO PROUD, as you can see

Not pictured:
Coop got follow up x-rays and sill has a broken foot. Minnie has a gross sore on her leg, and when I sent a pic to her doc via MyChart, the doc said COME IN RIGHT NOW, and it’s MRSA. PLUS, the day of 5th grade grad (and the senior walk and Harry’s last day and Minnie’s dance day, NBD) Dorothy woke up covered in a horrible rash that necessitated a triage call, a video visit, and an urgent care strep test and will likely involve at least another in-person visit still has no explanation, and almost caused her to miss her ceremony. We made it BY THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH, my friends, and I dropped Minnie and her flesh eating bacteria right at school you bet I did (urgent care doc said it was fine and she probably GOT IT AT SCHOOL and why is her body a breeding ground for bacteria?). ALL OF THIS HAPPENED IN THE SAME 36 HOUR PERIOD MY GOODNESS.

If I can solo parent through a week like this AND get ready for a family party AND make everyone’s special days special, I CAN DO ANYTHING YOU GUYS. (But I will still complain about it)

(Did I mention I made a 400+ slide slideshow for Harry? OF COURSE I DID).


  1. Wow, this post was a ride. A RIDE. I came for the grad walk, and I stayed for the flesh eating bacteria. Holy moly, what a day. But! Congrats to Harry and to Dorothy, speedy healing for Dorothy, ugh about Cooper's foot, and omg STAPH INFECTION.

  2. As always. I come here because I love your family, but I also come here for THE REALITY TV THAT IS YOUR LIFE.

  3. OMG, it's true... you really "CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!" Congrats all around, and speedy healing to C, D, and M!

  4. Every special day includes MRSA! I mean, congrats to everyone and I hope you can catch your breath soon!

  5. Oh no! MRSA! That is a nasty thing to deal with. My dad and brother have both dealt with it. My dad is prone to is because of some meds he is on and some kidney issues he has so he's been treated for it so many times. I hope everyone feels better soon! I got the dreaded "your child has puked, come get him please" call from daycare towards the end of the day yesterday. I had a packed day today so had to shuffle things. Phil was able to stay home for my very important call at 9 and now I'm solo parent and lurching at every little off noise he makes in the fear he's going to imminently puke. But my week still sounds like a cake walk compared to yours!

  6. It never gets boring in your house, or does it?

  7. WOW. This really was a special day! If you told me this all happened in a week, that would also make sense. But one day. Congrats to everyone involved (including you, for getting through it like a champ as always.)
    i love the "senior walk." I wish they did that in our district!

  8. What a special and happy time, Sarah! Except for the foot and the MRSA, of course. This whole post is so emblematic of parenthood -- the highs and the WTFs, all at the same time.

  9. Wow - "special" in every sense of the word! Congrats to all of you and get well soon to those of you who need those vibes. What a day!