Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Little League

 I am always complaining that Coop is on three baseball teams at once, but when push comes to shove, I love baseball. I *think* I even prefer when Ben is the coach (he coaches 2/3 teams) because he is a Very Uptight spectator, so he might as well be getting a neck sunburn over on the third base line doing all his weird signals, right?

Cooper’s regular season Little League team has not played great. Going into the league playoffs, they were the 7th seed and had won only 5 games out of 17. We did not have high hopes for the first play off game, so Minnie and I (along with my aunt) set up shop at the playground where we could sort of watch Coop’s game and Dorothy’s softball game that was happening at the same time. Honestly, the only reason I even went to the game in 90-degree weather was because it was going to be his last one, and I wanted to support him and his coach dad. Sometimes when the kids have simul-games, Ben watches Dorothy’s with like half an eye while he coaches because I am the worst sportsball mom.

Anywho, Dorothy’s team beat “the undefeatable team” (goodness I love it when she reminds me she is still a little kid and says things like that), and she scored the winning 9th run.

Then, unbelievably, Coop’s team won their playoff game!

Minnie got “HUPER DIRTY” and found tons of rocks and sticks to put in her treasure chest

On Sunday, Coop’s team faced the #2 seed in quarterfinals. AND THEY WON 20-13. It was sensational 12U baseball.

Also, now that I am looking at these pics, maybe Minnie’s dress is a lucky charm?

Probably because she didn't wear it on Monday, and the Tree LOST in semifinals. 

It was fun to watch them playing on the penultimate night of the summer league-- people on eliminated teams were there and also people on the other team that had already gotten through to the championship game. Cooper played SO WELL. He pitched 2 very efficient no-score innings (20 pitches total!), scored, made bananas plays as catchers (that kid can throw down!). But the other team was great and hit SO WELL.  The Trees lost 7-13 and played the whole 6 innings-- very exciting.

During the game, Harry threw himself a birthday party at a golf place. I gave him my credit card and some grocery store mini cupcakes and sent him on his way. Around 8:30, very engrossed in the game because our team made a mini comeback from 3 to 7, I thought I'd check my phone and see if he was still golfing. I had a bunch of texts telling me that he was going to a lake beach with his friends and one of his friends was driving. I had a notification that he left the house.


I called him back. No answer. I called him back many many many more times. NO ANSWER.

I was so worried! Like, the rational part of my brain knew he was probably at the lake swimming and had just called on the way there to make sure I knew where he was so I didn't freak out. BUT TWELVE MISSED CLASS AFTER HE VERY CLEARLY TEXTED ME HIS PLANS? 

TL;DR: He was fine. 

I ended up texting the other moms, which he thinks is pretty much unforgivable because it is SO DORKY, and pulling Ben from the end-of-game post mortem to go to the lake (he got a block away from the park when Harry finally called us back, and he and Coop returned to their post-game celebration). Harry was like OMG I called you a bunch so you would not freak out, and I was like OMG I only freaked out because you called so many times AFTER YOU TEXTED AND LEFT THE HOUSE.  He was like ugh now you are going to be mad at me, and I was like no! I'm not mad because I am so glad you aren't dead. And then Minnie piped up with MY BRUDDER HARRY IS ALIBE? HE IS NOT DEAD. So that was awesome. (She is always listening).

We came up with a better comms plan for next time.


Now Coop just has his Little League tournament team and his travel ball team, and I know it is not much, but being down a whole team feels good, even though we will still be at the fields for softball, and Ben and Coop (and also Harry and Jack and Dorothy and Minnie) love Little League so much it is basically always a check in the joyful experience column.


  1. OH DEAR GOD, 12 missed calls when a body of water is involved, I would have broken a land-speed record getting to that lake. One of our funniest exchanges was Angus texting after baseball practice that one of his friends was driving him to a minor league game and was it okay if he was home late and I texted back "sure. Am at the bar. Super good parenting" and he said "Awesome. Great mother-son communication." I love baseball most out of all the sports I've had to watch, but I am also a terrible sportsball mom.

  2. OMG the PANIC. Twelve missed calls! I would have been deeply uncool too. Glad all is well and that you have a new comm strategy.

    Love Minnie's dress. It is so cute. I think my daughter had something similar a few years back. I miss the super twirly dresses but I fear they are a relic of the past.

    If you ever feel like blogging about it, I am so curious about how/whether your parenting strategy has changed from first kid to Minnie. I was SO uptight when my kid was a baby/toddler and I really wish I could go back to Past Me and tell her to chill out a little bit. But... maybe that is just my personality? You seem like you really GET toddlers and I admire and respect that and am curious whether you learned from experience or you just have a natural gift with kids.

  3. "I'm not mad because I'm so glad you're not dead" - this is something that I have also thought several times, but TWELVE MISSED CALLS MY GOD. Sir, why not leave a VOICE MAIL. Or a text? Ahhhhhhhhh.

  4. OMG 12 calls!! Like maybe leave a message after one of those missed calls to tell mom that nothing is wrong? Or send a text saying "I know I called you 12 times but it's because you weren't answering and I was trying to connect but everything is fine." My family uses the phone so infrequently that when my mom texts to ask if she can call me, my initial reaction is that someone died or someone has cancer or something else horrible is going on. I need to tell her that when I see her this weekend so she can say "Can I call you? Everything is ok."

    Congrats to Coops team! So fun to see the underdog advance. I have to say that I HATE baseball! But my husband and MIL LOVE it, so if our kids are drawn to that sport, at least they'll have 2 avid spectators. There's a 50/50 chance of my children being athletic, though, so we'll see how things shake out. I was very unathletic and my husband was very athletic.

  5. LOL - the 12 missed calls reminds me of all the times I call my mom repeatedly and she doesn't answer, and I am convinced SHE is dead. So then when she answers me finally, I'm the one who is happy she isn't dead!! I would have been freaking out if I got 12 calls in a row from my mom and then she didn't respond to my calls. FREAKING. OUT.

  6. OMG, the 12 missed calls. I would lose it. When my parents or brother call me out of the blue, I literally answer the phone with, "What's wrong? Are you okay?" FTLOG, people, TEXT FIRST and let me know you're fine but you're calling.