Friday, June 30, 2023

5 on a Friday: I LOVE Going to WORK Edition

Ben has been really busy this summer (it’s actually a pretty busy season for him in terms of budget, planning, getting set for the next enrollment season, etc), and before this week, I have been teaching online and have been completely able to work from home, so I haven’t been to my office to do work since early MAY.  I went this week on the days I teach, and it was SO SO SO SO SO GREAT. I almost wish I could do it every day. So, IHO loving working from campus, here’s a list of 5 things I love most about it.

 1. I LOVE coming HOME from work and tidying a few things up and seeing all my people and reconnecting with my space and feeling relieved that I am home but also happy that I checked some things off my to-do list and maybe even had a reason to wear a fun dress.

2. I LOVE taking a walk from my garage to a coffee shop or from my office to the lake. While I adore morning walks around my neighborhood, breaking up my usual route with a downtown stroll is always a midday delight. And! Look at the extra delight that awaits me SOON (this is STEPS AWAY FROM MY BUILDING YOU GUYS).

3. I LOVE packing a lunch to eat at my desk while I read a book. I especially like this when I have actually cooked dinner and can just throw leftovers into a Tupperware while I am cleaning the kitchen.

4. I LOVE listening to an audiobook on my drive, my walk, and when I am doing mundane, half-brain admin tasks. Unless Ben is home and actively paying attention to Minnie or I am exercising, I don’t feel like I can zone out with an audiobook in my real life. Here’s my fave listen this month:

5. I love that I only do these things some days, not all days, but I really really really love the some days, especially in the summer. Hashtag full house.


  1. Such a lovely energy... (Teaching can be such a perfect fit for work-life balance. When people think I could be making more at some other profession, I think about all the other stuff I'd have to give up.)

  2. This was such a mood brightener! Glad you are able to have this kind of balance.

    I am so excited for The Whispers. I loved The Push and can't wait to read more of Audrain's work.

  3. I love this so much - it's not surprising that you're a person that finds so much joy and presence in little things, but I love reading about it. Ashley Audrain's book felt like it scarred me for life (my review was something like - 'it's masterful. Don't read it'), but I'll probably read this one too because I hate myself or something.

  4. Good to know you liked The Whispers. A podcaster I love DNF'd it so I was worried it wouldn't be great. I LOVED The Push. Very dark but so well done.

    A change in routine/scenery can be so very nice. I work full time so this is my life every day (although 2 of those days I WFH but the kids are in childcare). I am very much meant to be a FT working mom. It has it's challenges for sure, but I really enjoy my work. After a long weekend, I am very very ready to go back to work where I can work/eat/do whatever in PEACE with no one touching me.

  5. It's nice to switch it up during the week. I work a hybrid schedule right now and love it... I really enjoy the days when I go into the office but am also thankful I can work from home.

  6. Usually, I would be saying something like, "I LOVE working at home, going in stinks", but for teaching? It's the best, the absolute best. I never knew (before this job) how much I liked teaching. I'm *exhausted* when I do it (it's like a performance for me, and putting that on for 3 hours is...tiring) but interacting with the students is amazing.

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