Sunday, October 23, 2016

Quick snaps

 Dorothy is kind of scared of our front porch decorations, which is super funny to me, especially since she draws what look like crime scenes all over the pavement.

I made an apple pie that was delicious.  But!  It's just not totally pretty.  Don't worry-- I will keep working.
 MINI MEATLOAVES= the kids' new favorite food.  Even when I call them meat muffins.
 I finally cleaned out Dorothy's closet so that she only has weather-appropriate clothes.  But that doesn't stop her from putting them together in truly horrifying ways.
 Dorothy finally started her ballet hip-hop class that she has been DYING to start.  It was predictably adorable, especially the hip hop portion because they made the cutest little faces while they were dancing.  Also, I am a sucker for her pink Cons.

After class, she came home and very seriously colored the first position coloring sheet her teacher gave her.  At least 6 times a day, she asks me to help her put her feet in first position.  It's adorable overload around here.

 Back to living the hockey life.  So help me, my kids are eating those horrid "Uncrustable" PB sandwiches and probably will be all freaking season.  But last year, I gave them Culver's and Little Caesars.  So maybe it'll be a win?

FINALLY took her to the doc for her 3-year well-child visit a mere 5 months before she needs her 4-year visit.  Oops.
 I chaperoned a field trip for this guy at a science expo-- it was fun-ish.
 The little kids had no school on Fridays, o their school held a fundraiser at a trampoline place and we went of course because everyone took their kids to the trampoline park instead of dropping them off at school and enjoying a leisurely morning of grading papers or reading books or writing books or doing laundry.

But the kids had a great time.  AND IT'S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS.

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