Friday, October 07, 2016


 Usually on Wednesdays, Ben and the kids and I all go off to our own schools and work work work.  I am on campus in the mornings while the little kids have school and at home in the afternoon, working and tidying up and usually baking in between emails while the kids play happily outside and in.  I like Wednesdays.  Even though it gets a little rough after school because Jack goes to his tutor, and Cooper really wants to play with Jack-- and I digress.

The point is that yesterday, we decided to revolutionize our Wednesday and go see a little piece of history in the making-- BERNIE SANDERS! Speaking with our favorite WI Senator-to-be (we hope!)
 When I heard he was speaking, I planned to only take the 2 little kids, but then I realized that I'd be late to come home and be there for Harry and Jack, so I picked them up from school, threw them in Democrat t-shirts and bought some buttons on the street, charged up the kids' iPads and drove us all downtown with a car full of Subway for lunch.  Harry and Jack were excited.
 Dorothy and Cooper had no fucks to give.

 Russ Feingold!
 Dorothy LOVED all the clapping and cheering
 Bernie!  He was amazing in person-- absolutely electrifying!
 And, he explained things in such simple, ringing terms.  harry and jack followed along perfectly, and even Cooper kept up with the speech.  We talked about it in the car on the way home, and he told me that "Donald Trump wants to build a wall to keep Mexico people out, and they need a path," and "It's not fair for just some people to have all the welf."
 But, I mean, he was also really into his iPad.
 Such a fun day!
 It really wore Dorothy out.
 And because I am a smug asshole, when I signed the kids out from school, under "reason" I put CIVIC ENGAGEMENT.


  1. I love Cooper's recap and your reason for taking them out of school.

  2. I love this so much. Especially the "civic engagement" part.

  3. I may find a political event just so I can name "civic engagement" as the reason