Friday, October 28, 2016


Oh my goodness!  Not only has the week flown by, but I haven't been this busy (or productive) IN FOREVER.  Up by 5 almost everyday.  In bed by midnight.  2 speaking engagements.  Textbook workbook revisions.  Pedagogical professional development.  Cub scout meetings.  Hockey practices.   Gymnastics.  Dance class.  Volunteering in Jack's class. This routine is taking a toll on my FACE which is a wrinkled mess and on my eating habits which are great until I get home from work at like 7 (I HAVE BEEN WORKING UNTIL 7) and then I am starving and eat everything in the house as fast as I can.

I've been drinking caffeine agin, even

And the weekend!  It doesn't promise to be any easier.  Football tournament all day Saturday while Dorothy stays home with me and I try to clean the house and pick up my grocery delivery.  Hockey game at the crack of dawn on Sunday.  Pumpkin carving.  Watching the Cubs.  Kiddie party at elementary school.  Grown up party at the golf course bar.  OH MY GOD.

Made these for the Cub Scout meeting in our basement.  They were PERFECT.  (Also I used a large bag on M&Ms-- no silly cups for me)
And Ben made Kool-Aid.  I didn;t even know we had Kool-Aid.  Let alone a Kool-Aid pitcher!?!
Dorothy got to wear her Halloween costume to school and to dance class:

And the boys had PICTURE DAY! (And I cheaped out and bought the $8 picture package and I feel pretty good about it).

Dorothy and Cooper made a fort in their bed last night and slept together on the bottom bunk.  ADORABLY.  Obvs.

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