Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer. It's pretty great.

I am so tan I look like a California Raisin (there's a dated reference if ever there was one), and I use sunscreen every time I go to the pool.  I am starting to take it personally--like I have too much area to cover for sunscreen to help me.  I definitely need more than a shot glass, that's for sure.

 Cooper had his first tee ball game, and even though it didn't start until 15 minutes before the little kids' bedtime (fuck you, summer activities.  some of us put our kids to bed super early so we can watch bad TV and drink vodka lemonade slushies), we all went to watch, even though we knew that would probably end badly.
 Dorothy just sat in dirt and threw it.
 He was a good batter
 All she wanted to do was run into the park.
 Eventually, she just threw herself in a volleyball court.  I had to take her home when she started eating the sand.
I worked in my office on Tuesday and then woke up in a panic on Wednesday morning because I couldn't find my computer.  I ended up driving a half an hour downtown to look in my office and see if it was there (it was!) and we detoured by the lake for some cute pictures.
 Little hams.
 Nobody fell off the dock?
 She had to sit in ALL the big chairs, not just one
 Things started to deteriorate.
 Harry was really excited about the heart-shaped rock he found at the pool.
 Ben and I had a lovely date night on Wednesday and then veered into the Toys R Us parking lot on the way home to buy everyone a surprise.  Which of course they fought over.
 This little cutie spent the day with us. It was fun to make little toddler meals again.

 And of course, my favorite place:
 Beatrix took a surprise dump in Dorothy's room today, but she got her own plate of breakfast anyway because pancakes are her favorite.
 We had a family Big Brother viewing this morning.  I love that show!
Ah, summer.

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