Friday, February 26, 2016

Science is cool

I chaperoned a field trip yesterday at this really cool and beautiful and amazingly expensive science building on campus.

It was...long.

I am not a huge fan of field trips truth be told.  So many kids.  So much screaming.  Also, I hate telling other people's kids what to do, and you do a lot of that on field trips because kids are dumb.  My knee jerk reaction was to tell Harry that I couldn't go.  But then he was like why and I told him I was going to be at work, and he was all but the field trip is on your campus.  And then I had no other outs.  I could avoid the bus ride by just walking over there from my office, so how could I say no?

(It was a 3 hour field trip.)

The class did some experiments about micro and macro fluidity, ate lunch, and then did a scavenger hunt (led by a woman so ill-suited to her job and crabby with the kids that I ran back to the other group and snagged the classroom teacher, hoping she could help the lady calm down-- which she did) and then learned about the Fibonacci sequence and searched through some really cool gardens to find it happening in plant spirals.  The kids LOVED it.

I was thinking of what I learned about sciencing today at Cooper's conference when his teacher told me he loves to do experiments and is most delighted when his initial hypotheses are disproved by what he's doing.  Maybe he'll be a scientist.  This is something I have never thought about being, BTW.  It's not how my brain works, but how cool if his does.

OK.  I have worky work things to do at work (on a FIRDAY afternoon-- unheard of), so here're a few pics of the field trip:

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