Monday, February 08, 2016

Quitting the Yelling Day 9: Progress?!

Those pictures up there? Are scenes from a yell-free Monday morning. Even though I was late. And hungover. 

It was snowing at 7 when the boys went to walk the dog-- beautiful, silencing, sparkling snow-- and the babies wanted to walk, too, so we did, all of us, despite the morning rush. A

Today as we were leaving Little Gym, Cooper had a fit about going to get a cookie at the coffee shop across the street and we couldn't go to the coffee shop for a cookie because I we just a huge rude bitch to the staff about the pre-class latte I ordered that took ten minutes to arrive even though no one was in front of me. It was bring a friend week, so we had 2 preschool friends with us, and good byes were awkward because of the screaming. To cheer them up (because class ends right before lunch and the transition is always hard for Cooper), I said we could walk a couple of blocks to an organic bakery and get cupcakes for a treat. Cooper was still crying. Instead of yelling at him (which was SO TEMPTING because he would not stop and it was embarrassing and stressful), I gave him a hug. And he stopped. 

Then we walked to the bakery in the cold. And it was closed for a private party which was hard to explain to the kids because it said closed but people were in there. Cooper almost freaked again, but instead wee walked to a pizza place with a shabby playroom the kids love and we've been there for an hour. A really happy hour. 

When Ben comes home at 3, it's my turn to work, and I think I might do it from the library. 

Best day ever. 


  1. Nice job! I especially love the frustration hug. You're awesome!

  2. I love your Hillary shirt!!!! Want!!