Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Homemade Valentines


And the kids made them, even!

I took the pictures in about 25 minutes one random Monday afternoon in Cooper's room before we ran out of sunlight.  Dorothy and Cooper and Jack all glued their own pictures to their card stock in like 15 enjoyable minutes yesterday.  Then Dorothy was done, and she scampered off to be 2 somewhere and I wr0te the names and washi-taped the bubble wands.  Cooper spent another 10 laborious minutes writing his name on all of his cards.  The he ran away, and I washi-taped his tattoo boxes. Jack did the whole damn thing himself, even taping on his Blow Pops after I stuck 42 peices of washi tape to the side of the kitchen table (he needed 2 pieces per sucker and they will still probably fall apart between here and school).  Harry? Harry's pictures, card stock, tape, glue stick, and Tootsie Pops are in a plastic bag in the front closet waiting for him to remember it's almost V-day.  I think he can handle it.

Jack surveyed his work proudly and said, "I didn't think we were the kind of people who made our own Valentines."  Indeed.  Neither did I.


  1. Man,I wish I had followed through with this idea!!!! So cute!!