Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mom Hair, Again.

Gah!  My new year's resolution was to post MOST OF THE TIME, and I am not keeping it.  ALREADY.  What the hell?

The weather!  Is finally not terrible here!  We even went to the ZOO.

On Friday, I got almost the exact same haircut  got almost exactly a year ago, but this time my long bob is not inverted and I have legit side-bands instead of just face framing layers on one side:

I like it and made an appointment for 8 weeks from now to actually maintain it instead of letting it grow into a ragged hot mess over the next year.  We'll see how it goes.

Saturday was lovely.

Harry had an early hockey gam,e and Ben had to work the concession stand, but when he was done at 11, we all headed to the zoo, some of us without coats, even.  It was in the 40s which felt tropical.

Look at Cooper hanging all over Harry-- he is like a tree frog, and Harry and Jack try hard to be as patient as they possibly can be.

 We had a picnic lunch
 Not only did the woman in the black coat holding that toddler leap in front of my picture at the last second and block Dorothy, but she told her toddler that seals are mermaid puppies.
 Jack, measuring himself against a bison
 And riding the turtle he always rides outside the reptile house.
 We were so happy to be outside!
Sunday was less awesome because I had major PMS and actually GOT OUT OF THE CAR at a stop light and walked home from a couple miles away instead of going to Jack's final hockey game because Ben and I were having a stupid fight about leaving the house 9 minutes later than we'd planned.  Then Ben pulled the car up alongside me, and I assumed he was going to apologize and ask me to please come with everyone to hockey but instead he said, "Please, just give me the iPads," so of course I kept walking.  But we had a fun pizza dinner later and played Scrabble-- Harry is really goos at Scrabble, BTW.

Our no-coat spree continued yesterday when Dorothy was fancy free outside The Little Gym after class.  She loves Mondays because she has an excuse to wear the leotards she was gifted from a friend of ours whose little girl outgrew them.  Dorothy wears them everyday, but on Mondays they make sense.

And now I am going to vent my PMS on the kids' school because a power-hungry paraprofessional with a walkie talkie and a bad attitude told Harry he can;t play basketball at recess for a WEEK because he bounced his ball OUTSIDE yesterday on the way home from school.  We have contacted her and the principal and are not getting any satisfaction here, but I am so mad I could explode.   Ben's just happy I have a place to channel my feelings.


  1. Sorry, but I snorted out loud when Ben asked for the I-pads! That's comedic gold.

  2. Love your hair! It's super chic. And I really love that you get out of the car and storm off! AND steal the electronics!