Tuesday, February 02, 2016


...because I haven't been home all day.

I am sure all that will change when we assemble around the table to eat the stew I made last night that has been slow-cooking all day and then I clean everything up as fast as I can to run out the door for PTO.

Good times.

Oops-- wait-- in the time it took my scatter-brained self to get distracted by text messages and email while typing that sentence PTO was canceled.  Yay?

More chances for yelling now, for sure.

Especially because all 4 of our DVR boxes are broken.  This especially sucks because we have been waiting to binge on Downton.  Also, I can't watch the last half of Billions from Sunday.  Also, what the hell are we supposed to do?  Talk to each other?  Absurd.  (There's also no TV on demand.  Oh the humanity!)  (We still have Apple TV)  (Thankfully)

This is like the only picture I have taken in 2 days:

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  1. The Apple TV PBS app will save the Downton Day! I have been loving catching up on Downton that way. Also loving Mercy Street also available on the PBS app. I sound like an ad. I swear I am just a Downton loving lurker who wishes you well!