Monday, May 25, 2015

Lovely Weekend

 Dorothy wore her goggles all day yesterday and carried her little pool bucket all over the house.  But, alas, rain.  All day, rain.

The boys and I skipped Cooper's nap and met 5 grown-up friends and 6 more kiddos at the Dream Lounger theater to watch Tomorrowland.  I mean, I will see any movie in those seats, and I like George Clooney as much as the next chubby suburban mom, so it was pretty fun.
 Like, Cooper, though, I also thought it was long and boring.  Way not as good as Pitch Perfect 2, that's for sure.   But, the seats.  And the theater serves wine.  So.  (Which, I did not have because I have been drinking so much that I am going to weight eleventy billion pounds by the end of the summer.
 And then we went to Costco, where my moderation resolution got weak.
 She loves to color.  And she loves to show me every picture.  And she loves to draw the hell all over the table.  But I needed her to do SOMETHING because Ben had to go get a tetanus shot because he sawed his knuckle with a rusty saw making his fire, and I needed to make dinner fast this morning so we could go to the POOL.
 So does she-- it's adorable.
 I love all their sandals.  I would say little sandals, but Harry's are my size!
 I even had dessert ready to go.
This has been such a lovely weekend. I am actually turning into one of those moms.  Those moms who are EXCITED about summer break.  What the what?  But I have 3 more weeks until the kids are out of school, and I am going to enjoy the heck out of them.  (At the pool.  By myself.  At least some of the time.)

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