Monday, August 04, 2014

These last few days have been epic. EPIC.

Pro:  Our brand new 9-week-old puppy slept 10 hours overnight.
Con:  The hours were 5pm-3am.  Oops.


Her name is Beatrix Clementine, and she is wonderful, sweet, rompy, and lazy, not to mention adorable and pretty stinky.

And our puppy is not even the most awesome thing that has happened to us this August.

My old grad school friend Maegan who entered the program with me, shared an advisor, and celebrated graduation with me (and actually finished 2 years faster because she came in without an MA and has written not one but TWO books since 2009) came o town for a radio appearance and book signing and we got to hang out, and it was WONDERFUL.

Happily, we are on a panel together at a conference this fall, so we'll see each other again soon.

In a less epic but just as enjoyable turn of events, we enjoyed more sweet summer nothingness while waiting for our next round of exciting visitors.

I took Dorothy and Cooper to Target, and it cost me $8.90 in Starbucks brobes to get them in the damn cart.  These 2 will NOT be contained.

 See?  She walked all the way to the park by herself the other morning.
 I LOVE this picture. 
 She has become so rowdy on the park.  She goes up and down the slide all by herself.
 Such a big girl!
 Harry really needs a 3-foot pixie stick, huh?
 She gets all sweaty and dirty and leaves a little ring around the tub every night.
 Ha!  They picked these outfits themselves, obvs.
We had an EPIC trip to the pet store to buy every dog thing they sold.  Because we bought a douche bag specialty puppy, we should have just gone completely soul-less and hit the big box pet store, but instead we went local and got a thousand hippie sneers when we were asked what kind of dog we were getting.   It's not cool to buy a specialty puppy in this neck of the woods.

 Ha!  It does not get old for me.
 She took her toy search very seriously.
 I love the way he's shoving her in there.
The day before we got our puppy and the day after Maegan went back to Denver, Kate and her lovely family came over for dinner and playtime on their way to vacation in Michigan.  It was so fun to meet them in real life.  The kids all got along famously, and her 4 are way, way, way better behaved than my 4. I think we need to schedule meet ups every year!

Dorothy and Cooper were particularly hard to handle.  Cooper was looking for a specific toy that he called a beep beep and was actually a crane that carries a magnetic pile of rods (?) that he kept losing and screaming  "PIECE" about.  SO FUN. Dorothy got hangry.
 I LOVE kid positioning pics-- also I like the random blondie we picked up at the park.
 DINNER.  The grown ups had champagne cocktails-- my fave.
 These two were adorable together.
 And so are we.
 Jack and Jack, both first graders.
 Some people have resting bitch face.  I have resting bitch posture, too.
 SO cute!
 Look at all these adorable kids!!
 I mean, seriously.
The next morning as we got dressed to drive to the middle of damn nowhere to get our dog (SERIOUSLY-- we drove north for an hour or so and then spent 30 minutes on a gravel road and then turned onto a completely unpaved road), Cooper hurled Dorothy's Mickey Mouse ears at my face and made me cry.  I spent the rest of the morning icing it to avoid a shiner. THANKS LITTLE BUDDY.

We stopped at a Culvers at the edge of civilization for lunch and actually ordered Dorothy a fountain drink (we NEVER eat fast food, and we panicked at the front of the line) and then had to make a Sophie's nutritional choice. Went with Tropicana Fruit Punch.  Not soda and didn't have artificial sweetener.  POTY.

Beatrix is 1/4 English bulldog and 3/4 French bulldog.  The breeders call these dogs "mini bulldogs" but of course that's not a real thing.  But you know what it is? REALLY ADORABLE.  As you can see, the puppies from her sister littler 2 weeks younger than she is are mostly white, but some are red and white like English bulldogs.  I think Beatrix's coloring is perfect.

 Seriously, that face!  Also as you can see, we forgot Dorothy;s shoes again.  This time, we just let her wander barefoot among piles of dog shit until Beatrix's father saw her, pushed her down, and tried to have his way with her.  Oops. Also, that's why we got a girl dog.

 SO TINY and stocky.  She syands with her front feet turned in like a little bulldog.
Who wouldn't?
That profile!
 When we got home, she napped against my leg like it was a fat puppy.

And we all just played with her, watched her eat IN her bowl, took her for a ridiculous circus of  walk, etc.



 We noticed that gnats were swarming her in the yard, so we gave her a bath, which she found exhausting.


  1. She's so cute and tiny! She needs a bow collar :) Tell the hippy pet store she's a rescue and you'll get your street cred back. You did kind of rescue her...

  2. Your hippy pet store is huge! If you hadn't mentioned what it was I would have assumed Petco. There must be lots of hippies to support a store that large. I loved the pics of the kids in the crates. I bet sometimes you wish you had a wall of them for time out.

    You loved the pic of Cooper pushing Dorothy in to the crate but I love the one of him smiling at her on the Target cart with his Starbucks bribe in hand. He looks like the sweetest yet slyest big brother as he shares a moment of victory with his Dorothy.

    Speaking of Dorothy, she is fast losing the bows and becoming quite a tomboy. You've captured some fun moments on film but the cookie snatch is the best of this batch (pun intended - ahhh forensics).

    I love little Miss Beatrix and am thrilled she's black & white. I love that color combo! Most people are going to mistake her as a Boston terrier until she grows up. I am curious about her ears. French bullies ears stand straight up while English bullies are left to their natural flop. Were you given any insight about hers?

    One last thing - I notice there's no pics of daddy bulldog trying to mount Dorothy. That would have finally won you MOTY notoriety.

  3. So, so cute!! Dogs are so much fun with kids.

    Also, I was just looking at pics from our visit to WI and James wasn't wearing shoes in ANY of them and he was almost two. I don't think he even HAD shoes. I don't know what I was thinking!

  4. Your dog is adorable and I super love her name.

    Vivian also refuses to be contained. My MIL was visiting us for two weeks and more than once said she felt bad for me when we were out at stores. No shit!

  5. Beatrix is ridiculously adorable- can't wait to snuggle her. We TOTALLY need to do a yearly visit- even Brett keeps suggesting places we should visit with your family, lol