Thursday, August 07, 2014

Best. Puppy. Ever. (Knock on Wood)

I keep forgetting I can blog from my phone and cut out the middle man photo stream all together. 

Speaking of my phone, I am due for an upgrade and trying to hold out for the 6 this fall. Dorothy chewed up my phone case, so I went to the Apple store on my way to the pool today (in my swim suit and cover up-- so classy) to get a new case because I am going to be beyond pissed if my phone dies before the new ones come out. I had my choice of exactly 2 models that fit my old ass 4s. And the infant checking me out asked if I meant to get a case for such an old model. Ugh. 

Obsolete gadgets drive me insane. My year-old MacBookPro is already noticeably thicker than the ones in the store. I got a MacBookAir YESTERDAY (for work), and it is also probably already out of date. 

Speaking of yesterday: our 9-year anniversary. Traditional gifts: pottery, leather, willow (WTF?). Our gifts: a  puppy and a Dyson. 

We also had afternoon beers at the pool and went out for a kid-free dinner at a new steakhouse. The restaurant was alarmingly large and depressingly empty, and it's one of those places that makes a big damn deal about everything-- salads prepared table side, steak knives presented in a warm box, waiter who insists that you cut your steak open in front of him. But I love a fatty wedge salad and a really pink filet, and I drank a cocktail with honey and local gin that knocked me on my ass, so it was a win. 

Beatrix is awesome. She sleeps 99% of the day and slightly less of the night. She stinks even after lots of bathing, but she is just unbelievably sweet. The children love her. We love her. She's great!

Jack came to work with me on Monday. 
He was no trouble at all. 
He saw his favorite sandwich store and a picnic table out my window and was totally ready for lunch. 
He wore Vans to look fancy but they hurt his feet so we had to make an emergency flip flop run at the bookstore. The smallest ones were too big. 
He was even happy to hit the library on the way home
This is what Beatrix did while we were gone:

Tuesday, the boys and I took her to her very first check up at a tiny little vet's office that still uses paper records. 

She's great. Duh. 

As you can see, she enjoyed soccer practice. 
During breakfast yesterday, she played like a real puppy
But the exertion proved too much for her
She napped the afternoon away in her crate while we went to the pool

And then we fed the kids and the dog, cleaned up THAT disaster, and cleaned up ourselves. I love getting dressed up to go out. I even wore my wedding shoes because I am too fat for my rehearsal dinner dress. It zips. And looks like a sausage casing. 
Beatrix spent the evening-- and is spending the afternoon-- doing this. 
She's the best. 

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  1. Love the anniversary dinner pic! You both look fabulous.

    And what a cute sleepy puppy!