Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Today in pictures

My Photo Stream is brimming with selfies of Jack:

That always happens when he borrows my phone.

Cooper is finally feeling like himself (after we went to the doctor for a strep test, a booster flu shot for Dorothy and a bemused what-the-freaking-hell-are-you-people-doing-here-again Justavirus diagnosis) again, but holy cats was he whiny this morning. 

By the time Little Gym was over and he was crying because he wanted to sit at a random small table and eat some other kid's popcorn crumbs, I was ready to run away from home.  And it was only 11:00.

But then he plopped down in the Adirondack chair outside the gym and happily held his little sister on his lap and counted rocks.  I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.
I was so happy that we all made it to lunchtime and blessed, blessed naptime that I gave into my craving and ate myself completely sick on cookie dough while also eating a tiny salad for lunch because all my available calories had to go to COOOOOKIES.  (Mine are only 94 calories/cookies because I make them smaller).

 Sadly, Dorothy woke up after only 39 minutes of sleep (ROBO BABY), and she was totally happy and refreshed with the most adorable fuzzy bed head and rosy little cheeks.
I figured oh well because Ben was due home in 30 short minutes, and I had big plans to pack up my stuff and work on my online class at the library.  Then Ben called to say he was pulled into a meeting with the president of his college and would be home right AFTER the big boys got home from school.  Fuuuuuuuuuuck.

Dorothy decided to trash the nonbreakable cabinets while I cleaned the kitchen and climbed Mount Laundry.
I am glad she's into it because pots and tupperware are less dangerous than her previous household love:  light sockets.
After his nap, Cooper helped himself to some milk and poured it.  Not surprisingly, that adventure went less than well.  He was completely nonplussed and grabbed a towel to clean it up.  HE IS THE MOST CAPABLE CHILD WE HAVE.
But probably not capable enough to play this game with ramekins:
Although there was no breakage and if we ever have to pick teams, he is so my Jenga partner.

They were happy like this for 20 minutes.  GENIUS.
Oh, little Jack.

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  1. James is Mr. Competent too! It is so awesome! Love it when kids take selfies. Cracks me up. Can't believe I'll have another crawler around here in just a few months!