Thursday, October 24, 2013

Family fun time!

You might think this baby is Dorothy. But no! This is baby Jack, who looks a helluva lot like baby Dorothy, no?
Yes.  She smiles every time she sees a camera or my phone.  I really love that about her.

I also love the way she claps all the time-- it is so sweet
Seriously, this could be the same baby.

We made Halloween sugar cookies today.  Huge mess.  HUGE.

Cooper took 45 (seriously) pictures of hi foot and the diaper change happening in the background.  If I scroll through them really fast, you can see the whole change happen.  FASCINATING.

As if cookies weren't enough family fun time, we also carved the mess of pumpkins on the porch.  Well, we didn't carve them on the porch because it is so damn cold here (snow yesterday!), but they have been hanging out on the porch is what I mean.

A baby in a pumpkin!

How about a little Halloween preview?  Abe, Clark, an elephant, and a monster all went to a party at school last week:


I have been trying to keep my work inbox at 0 (which is awesome in terms of stress, BTW), and I came across this picture from our Santa breakfast last year.  Cooper was such a little baby!  (And I was pregnant with another little baby, crazy, huh?)


  1. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I love yourpictures and narratives, Bomma

  2. SNOW? We have all our windows open because it was so beautiful and in the upper seventies all day. Not sure if I'm jealous or not. I do love changing seasons.

    I LOVE the diaper change flip book! Hilarious.