Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Ben the baby whisperer got Dorothy to take a late afternoon nap while I was at the doctor with Harry getting him his nasal mist flu vaccine (and BTW he full on freaked the freak out, flailing and screaming and had to be gently restrained by me and the nurse to get the vaccine. WTAF? Did the kid want the shot?) and at Trader Joe's buying more pie pumpkins and chocolate chips because the kids ate 2 dozen muffins yesterday, so we had to put the kids to bed later than usual. We decided to use the extra time at a park, and when Cooper heard the news, his sweet little face lit up. Cooper loves parks.

Dorothy tried out a swing for the first time, and she thought about it for awhile before deciding she's a big fan.

So is Coop.
Extreme close up
Jack is a blur
Sweet baby.  I could eat her.
Cooper has gotten taller which is why he has short shorts and his paci looks incongruous.
New hat from grandma and grandpa
Ah, yes.  Back to the park.  Thanks for nothing, Blogger.

Now?  I am going to finish making pea puree and glue-stick a bunch of pictures in Dorothy's baby book.