Friday, October 18, 2013

Another 9 days of blog silence

4 kids! Is a lot of kids!

But still, we are here; we are having fun fall adventures, and I have 44 pictures of the last 10 days.  Erm

Pumpkin patch trip!  Complete with corn maze!

Seriously NO good pictures of all four kids?!  Does not bode well for our family photo shoot tomorrow.

In the picture below, Dorothy was reaching for my beer

And all over her feet-- I had to take her tights off, even, because she could have gotten drunk sucking on them
Everyone thought it was hilarious

Although Cooper was a little concerned
Our college friends Jaime and Eric were in town on Tuesday, and they brought their brand new week-old baby to visit!  She was unbelievably precious.
Cooper's new hiding spot
Such a sweet happy little girl

I am completely obsessed with the braid crown.  I know I am late to the party, but it;s my new favorite hairstyle.  Also it is really cold here, and our barefoot in the Ergo days are over for the season-- I will miss them!
So will Cooper-- he is not a fan of long pants
But we have ushered it tights and leg warmer season-- is there anything cuter?
Look at Ben;s knees-- he's such a good dad.
Cooper was so, so mad when he saw Dorothy in this car. He got mad all over again when he was flipping through pictures on my phone and found this:
Banana:  she's not sure.
Cooper loved puddles.  LOVES THEM.
You guys!  She's 7 months old! 
She claps.  She waves.  She sits.  She scoots all over the house on her tummy. She has eaten plums, pears, apples, mangoes, carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, and squash.  She takes 2 naps a day, and she sleeps all night snuggled in my arms.  She says mama and baba and yaya, and she has the most delightful little laugh.  She's wonderful!
Cooper is a huge fan of coloring.
She's always in motion

Not sure what he's doing in there
She reclines like this a lot because she cannot quite get back to a sitting up position on her own
iPad theft (because I can only read books on my iPad at night because the sound of the page turning on a real book is too much for my little princess and the pea baby):

Cooper McTwitter the babysitter
Couldn't you just
She even wipes her own mouth
Laundry is calling me-- wish us luck on our holiday photo shoot tomorrow afternoon!


  1. So cute! Dorothy is blowing by Avery in the milestones! And you're looking super cute and skinny :)

  2. Anonymous1:12 AM

    The braid crown is pretty but I prefer your braids in the pic with Ben.