Monday, August 06, 2012

Day 5

I'm not going to lie to you. Today I wanted to go home. It was a combination of a trifecta of terrible behavior and making the mistake of looking too closely at the freshly "cleaned" toilet in my bathroom. I miss my well-behaved kids and my sparkling bathrooms. Also, everything is a pain in the ass when you are away from home with small kids. And if things like meals and shopping for essentials are easy, that means you are paying out the nose. It seems like a no-brainer and something I should have known going into this trip, but vacation with kids is tons of work.

As it turns out, we will likely leave a day early due to weather, but that's why we worked so hard to get here a day early-- we knew storms could change our travel plans, especially in the middle of midwest summer. 5 days on the beach was always the plan. Also, Cooper has a low grade fever and a rash on his diaper area and trunk-- his 2nd fever and first rash-- so we kind of want to be home. Did I mention he is sleeping like shit? Yeah.

Today was our 7th anniversary, and we ended up having a fantastic day, although Harry was SUCH a pain in the ass, we had a shitty afternoon for awhile. It's not that he doesn't listen-- he does. It's that he does THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what we ask him to do-- whatever we ask him to do, whether it's something low stakes like hey, don't use so much wet sand, you'll never be able to make a castle with that bucket or something more important like hey, don't go in the bedroom and wake up the sleeping baby. Whatever we say, he does the opposite. Hopefully it's a short-lived phase.

We rallied, showered, and went to dinner at a fantastic fish place where we ate on the harbor. The kids slept for 20 minutes in the car and woke up refreshed and ready to pig out and shop for cheesy island souvenirs.

We came home from dinner still in good moods all around and took some pictures on the beach.  For some reason, my photos imported in random order, but trust me-- it was a good day.

Jack falling in a hole, of course.

Lady taking our picurue was concerned that the kids didn't all smile at the same time.  Yeah.  Welcome to my life.

We built Mt. Gloopmore at 3 this afternoon and it was still there at 7 pm (a little diminished, but still standing).  the boys were thrilled.

Ben and I had brownie sundaes for lunch at our favorite ice cream pace today after feeding the kids their favorite hotel kiddie meals in pails.  A win all around.

Ben took H and J for pnoy rides while Cooper and I had an afternoon nap.

This poor pony looks really small under Harry

Much more Jack's size
Cooper is an emphatic drinker

So! Much! Food!

Outside the hotel

Ha!  We retook this selfie.

Kids smiling under threat of losing their new stuffed animals.


Searching for Mt. Gloopmore

So cute

A little dangerous


  1. I am LOVING your pictures! That last one is so great! If Charlie tried to hold James someone would lose an eye.

    My kids were kinda awful on vacation too. It was such a pain and I felt like a huge stressball the whole time, but? All we remember now is how much fun we had. I hope the same happens for you. Vacation with kids is a total PITA.

  2. These pictures are so awesome! I love that sailor hat! It looks like such a fun day and btw, I really love your dress! So, would you go back to HH again?

  3. Love the pictures! You guys wear the "Eastern Coast" look well :) Vacations with kids, I've decided, are about survival and funny stories to tell ten years from now. But mostly survival. I considered ours a success when we got home with as many as we left with, because it wasn't looking good there for a minute.