Saturday, August 11, 2012

11 months

I know people who think that Ben and I are crazy cakes for doing laundry-- including folding and putting away-- every single day.  But I just spent 2 hours folding and putting away a mound of vacation laundry, and that ridiculousness just reconfirmed the sanity of my daily laundry plan.  I spend maaaybe 20 minutes a day on laundry and that is WAY BETTER than the laundry marathon I just pulled. I cannot imagine having "laundry day" every week and dealing with that mess.  I shudder to think of it!

Ben and I both LOST WEIGHT on vacation, and we still indulged in our favorites, like delicious fresh ocean fish, pina coladas,  ice cream for lunch, and even the kind of fast food that we never eat at home. On the road, I had a Filet o Fish from McDonalds, my favorite fast food sandwich ever.  At 380 calories, it is more than I usually eat for lunch, but oh my goodness it was artery clogging and delicious.  I cannot STAND McD's salads, but Wendy's makes a pretty good almond chicken salad (minus the almonds), and who can resist a kid-size Frosty?  Panera has become our go-to fast food joint because the calories counts are clearly stated; there are lots of options under 300 calories, and the snowflakes can have organic dairy products.  Even Cooper loves a cream-cheese-slathered bagel and a chopped-up fruit cup.

I have lost 7 pounds and have 7 more to go to be at my pre-Coper weight (which was a couple pounds heavier than usual, but who cares??).  I know that I am heading into candy corn, pumpkin muffin, and apple cider donut season, but I think I can be strong.  Honey crisps are coming my way, too, so that helps.

Ben and Jack got monster sick with Cooper's virus (sore throat and body aches, sustained high fever, exactly what I had in the car on the way home.  Ugh), but they feel better today. We are gearing up for a visit from Snarky Mommy and the Academomia family next week.  Which reminds me!

Have you bought Amy's book yet?  You totally should.  You can get it on iBooks, Kindle, Nook, or in paperback:  Baby Bumps by Amy Sprenger.

Oh yeah!  The other day, Cooper turned 11 months old!  Woo-hoo!  I am already scouring Etsy for custom birthday invites, looking for a perfect birthday t-shirt (for him, duh) and ordering cakes and cookies favors.  Such a big little guy!


  1. Can't wait to see all of you in a few days. And thanks for the shout-out. :)

  2. We are going to have so much fun! Can't wait!