Friday, August 03, 2012

Day 2

We got to the beach a day early, and our resort was booked solid, so we are at a neighboring Omni for a night, paying the sucker's rate because we booked it on the fly as we drove out of the Smoky Mountains this morning, sharing one bathroom between the five of us, Cooper asleep in the bedroom, kids on the sofa bed, Ben and I huddled quietly around our computers.  I told Ben this felt a lot like camping.  He was not amused.

All three kids love the cloudy, warm Atlantic.  Harry likes to wade up to his waste and duck under waves as they break over him.  Jack stays close to the edge of the wet sand and throws himself in the dirt like  seal, letting the waves carry him a few feet.  Cooper buries his fat hands and then laughs out loud when the water topples him backwards into my legs.

Vacation with 3 kids is kind of a lot of work.  We might need another vacation when we get home.

Early this morning at a mountain rest stop (no makeup or hair do because Ben rushed us out of our gross hotel before a line of storms)

 Harry was so happy to leave the car and run.
Turn down services brought the kids milk and cookies and I told them they'd have to wait to eat them until tomorrow because it's bedtime.  Then I ate the cookies.  MOTY.


  1. Haha, GET IN THE CAR, A STORM IS COMING! Sounds like me.

    You all look great! I love the beach picture. What a fun trip!

  2. hahahahaha!!! You deserve the cookies. three kids on vacation? I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

    Oh the Atlantic. I miss it!