Thursday, September 01, 2011

OMG!! Kindergarten!

Harry was such a sport posing for a million pics this morning

(still super pregnant. yes)

We walked to school

Harry was brave outside, but he seemed really freaked out when we left.

He was happy to see outside when school ended for the (long) day

Brothers! Reunited!

And then we went home for chocolate chip brownies. Harry said he cried a little because he missed us.

This is his back pack which cracks me up because it looks so official and only holds a lunch box and a water bottle.

I really don't know how to process kindergarten. I hope the public school system doesn't fail this kid, you know? And if there's trouble, I hope we can recognize its signs soon enough. We told him he had the nicest teacher in school because he was so freaked about school, but what if she's mean to him? Will he feel like he can tell us?

To change the subject, here's a picture of our last day of summer vacay. The grass is finally long enough for the kids to ruin it with the sprinkler, and they gave me quite the Big Time Rush karaoke concert. See?


  1. ok, your super pregnant looks like me at 6 months. unfair.

    Glad his first day went well!

  2. I agree... you look amazing! I can't even stand up that pregnant. What a big boy Harry is! I can't believe he's only five months older than Charlie. I'll learn all the kindergarten tricks from you.

  3. Yay, Harry!!! I have all the same fears about kindergarten..well, school in general. Its nice that they started on a Thursday so its only 2 days the first week. I think by today Ethan was a little overwhelmed (he started on Monday).

    And I agree w/ Kate & Becca--you look fantastic!

  4. Hoping the public school system doesn't fail for your child. So there right now. I feel like homeschooling every other day. The outside of the house looks GREAT!