Wednesday, September 07, 2011

OMG!! 40 3/4 weeks pregnant!

You guys this s all my fault for being so smug and thinking I would have the baby mid-August.

I know this.

And Harry getting teary-eyed at kindergarten drop-off is my fault for being so smug about him never once ever crying in 3 years of preschool.

I know this, too.

Also, I have spent the most ridiculous amount of money since I was about 37.5 weeks because I have nothing to do but shop either online or in person. Today, I just rounded out my post partum wardrobe with everything stretchy I could find at Old Navy. So having the baby will be good for my budget.

I am losing weight because I no longer have room to eat food.

I was horribly uncomfortable over Labor Day weekend, but I am okay now. Just bored. I keep having contractions, some of them so intense that I get out my iPhone contraction timer app and then THEY TOTALLY GO AWAY. Not cool. For a week.

Look at the size of my stomach:

Jack is really funny these days. He and I went to Target for a hot drink this morning after we dropped Harry off at school, and he was so cute and chatty and helpful at Old Navy. Here are a couple of random Jack videos from the last 2 days:


  1. So, so, so cute! You look great too!

  2. I love the woman checking you out in the first picture!
    (You look adorable, btw)

  3. OMG, that dress (and you in it) are the cutest things I have ever seen!
    I love that the woman walking by is totally checking you out too.

    Trust me - it WILL end. And here's a tip from someone who made it to the 41 week mark: if they have you come in to do a fetal mobility test, go in a little dehydrated. that slows down the baby's movements apparently, and the doctor won't like the results, meaning he'll insist on inducing labor. That's what happened to me anyway. i hadn't drank enough water that morning or something, so Izzy wasn't moving enough on the monitor and they decided I needed to go ahead and deliver. About 5 minutes after I got my IV, she was moving around like crazy, so it was only the dehydration but at that point we had to continue. Which was good news because I had said that morning that if I was going to the hospital for this test, I wasn't going to leave until I had a baby! the bad news, she weighed 9 lbs and had a 16 inch head!

    ok, seriously, back to that dress. I want it

  4. Tripod4:49 PM

    I love that Jax so literal! When you asked what he was doing, he said "eating and drinking this." I also like the "thanks". I guess that since
    he's only known you 3 years, he didn't say I love you back

  5. I just busted a gut at Jack's "thanks," how great that you have that reaction on film

  6. OMG, 1st, that chick checking you out is hilarious. And, I love Jack. He's awesome. I love that he said "thanks." He's so grown up and has such coherent sentences! Hope he enjoys being a big brother!

  7. That woman is staring at you like your water just broke on the sidewalk!

    You look fine, you're 10 months pregnant, who gives a shit?