Friday, September 16, 2011

Cooper is a week old!

Things I forgot about newborns:

How much laundry they generate (srsly-- the kid pees through at least 2 pairs of pajamas a night, soaks a couple swaddle blankets in a 24 hour period and had his first poop bow out this morning).

How often they eat (takes at least a half an hour to get him to eat both sides and burp; then he eats eat a little bit more s he can fall asleep-- then he wants to do it all again-- plus a diaper change-- about 45 minutes later. So I have been hanging out on the couch watching lots of TLC).

How truly wonderful it is to snuggle with them (that downy head! That milky smell! That warm little neck! Those smooth, squishy cheeks! Almost makes me sad that this is my last baby. I always kind of thought we'd have one more after this, but oh my god! Childbirth is HORRIBLE and I don't ever want to do it again. Ever.)

I got Cooper these cute little stickers on Etsy to put on his onesies for his monthly pictures, and they came with a bonus newborn sticker:

The wild west theme made way more sense when I ordered them because this was his name-to-be:

Our pediatrician laughed and laughed when I admitted with some surprise that I hadn't done a damn thing to clean the baby since he was born (I mean, he got a bath at the hospital, but since then, nothing!). He said I should at least remember to take pictures of the kid. So today, I both washed AND photographed him. Big brother Jack was on hand to help, but he was moving too fast for me to photograph.
Cooper found the whole bath process weird and startling, but he didn't cry.

Things have improved a bit here since Ben bought me a Moby wrap and a Petunia Picklebottom Ergo with a cute little infant insert. I was freaking out because Cooper needs to be 8 pounds for the Bjorn, and he was only 7 pounds 7 ounces a the doc on Tuesday. Now I have a couple baby wearing options, which is good because I had to walk Harry to school this chilly morning. I swaddled Cooper, stuffed him in the Moby (which looks like the world's ugliest shirt), and zipped my fleece around us both. Super glam, but he was protected from kindergarten germs. Not sure how preschool drop off will go on Monday. I am thinking that I'll use the car seat and stroller, but I KNOW people are going to want to look a him, and I like the hands-off vibe that the wrap exudes because he is only going to be 10 days old on Monday and the only place germier than an elementary school is a preschool. It just seems like a PITA to put on in the preschool parking lot with both Jack and Harry in tow. (The logistics of drop offs are kind of screwy on Mondays).

I have been taking pictures of course.

I like the Miracle blanket Cooper's wearing, but I like the Aden + Anais blankets WAAAAAY better-- they are AWESOME.

Love his little sad face

The proud biggest brother

The bigger brother looking a little menacing

Ha! Caught him mid startle


  1. They are all so adorable. And I'll pass on what someone said to me when I had #3: You have no genes. Every once in a while I get an itch for a 4th, but that won't be happening for us, either.

  2. A&A blankets are the bomb. Literally the only blankets we ended up using, even now.

    As far as the PITA parking-lot babywearing option...Put your moby on at home. Put Cooper in the carseat. Drive. Take him out at preschool and arrange him in your already-tied Moby. SO MUCH EASIER. There were days at the beginning when I didn't take the thing off all day.

  3. So, so sweet! I do love Aden and Anais blankets. Huge swaddling blankets for my huge babies! Perfect! They're also good as a sunshade over the stroller when it's a hundred degrees out in February.

    I think we're done too, but we thought the same thing after Wes!

  4. Agree with BiblioMOMia -- put it on at home. Soooo much easier.

    My God, he looks like Jack! So freaky. Another Ben.

    I miss newborns. Not enough to have another one, but still.

  5. He looks so squishy.

    I wore my hotsling that Julia lived in for the first 4 months all the time. One time I went grocery shopping with it on and no Julia because she was at home with Evan.

    After this one is birthed, we'll be done, but I am always sad about this thought because I just really like the little people we've made and it makes me sad to think we won't be meeting any more.

  6. The whole putting the Moby or Ergo on in the parking lot is the sole reason I went with a sling instead. It probably isn't as comfortable at the other two, but it is faster and works for shopping trips.

    Oh, and if he continues to have lots of blow outs, consider buy a couple of diaper covers to put over the disposable. We did that on our trip, and it works well for preventing clothing changes on top of diaper changes!