Sunday, February 03, 2008

Harryella Reports for Duty

Have I talked about how much I love our central vacuum? Because I do. I really, really love it. I remember the realtor telling us about it, but all I heard was "Blah blah blah not a Dyson blah, blah, blah." I was annoyed when we moved in and I saw the big tube and all the clunky attachments taking up space in the front closet, and I really thought the outlets in the garage, living room, and Harry's room were ugly.

Then I tried it.

Vacuum nirvana.

The suction is amazing! The vacuum is so light! The hose can reach tiny corners! It works on carpet, wood, and linoleum! I can vacuum behind and underneath things without even moving them-- that's how narrow the hose is! No bag to empty (although Ben does have to empty a big old can). It's quiet! It reaches everywhere! Seriously, I could go on, but I realize that this is not riveting prose.

I'm not the only one who likes it.

Seriously, he did the whole upstairs. And he did a really nice job, too.
But all work and no play would make Harry a very dull boy, so he also scaled the toilet and ate some crayons. Where is this kid's mother, and why isn't she watching him? And yes, he might be staring at the TV in this last picture-- somebody has to do my job, and clearly I'm too busy capturing precious moments .


  1. Dude, how did you get him to vacuum? That is so cool! Charlie tries to eat little pieces of lint he finds on the carpet, I guess that's almost as good.

  2. Anonymous3:02 PM

    not sure about the vitamincontent is crayons, but at least no aspartame...Bomma