Friday, June 22, 2007

The Best Part of Waking Up

is some thick milk in a cup??

Whole milk is so gross-- it's not exactly liquid, and it's not exactly solid. OH MY GOD! IT'S QUICKSAND!!!

Whatever. Harry can eat whatever he wants because he's

Attitude rompers are so great-- the perfect thing for your TODDLER to wear! Yeah, he officially toddles, him and his random arm roll fat and his measuring cups, just toddling along.

Look how moist and red he is from all that toddling.

At brunch today, Harry and Jo decided they'd had enough bagels and oranges, and they took off into the mall, leaving their sippy cups and torn up magazines behind them.

Ha! Busted!


  1. So cute! I love those shorts... Charlie has his on today too. Spooky!

    Random question--what is the name and brand of the paint color in your kitchen/living room? I always try to get something just like that and end up with some horribly bright scary color.

  2. Try whole milk with a scoop of formula mixed into it...blech. that is the super "health shake" we have to give Ethan to try to get some meat on his bones. It makes me gag, but he scarfs the junk down. Go figure...